What is Camp in America?

1st August 2018  |  Before Camp,Blog

What is Camp in America? Summer Camp’s a right of passage for many teenagers and twenty-somethings, but you might be wondering: what is camp in America? American children live in much busier towns and cities than us Brits are used to. Summer holidays are much longer Stateside too. Every summer, children from all over the country head out of the city and into the great outdoors for a summer of fun. Camp in America is all about helping those children learn new skills, try out new activities, and make friends. What do Staff at Summer Camp Do? When you work at camp in America, you’re there to help the children – also known as campers – get the very best out of their camp experience. There’s a massive range of activities on offer at camp. Summer Camp staff are there to help make sure everyone’s getting involved and having fun. Whether it’s helping a camper overcome their fear of the climbing wall or being a shoulder to cry on for someone missing home, there’s lots to keep you busy. Most of the people we help get a job at Summer Camp will be working as a Camp Counselor. The role’s unbelievably rewarding and great fun, but it’s full on. Why Work at Camp in America? Now you know the answer to ‘what is camp in America?’, you’re probably wondering why you should spend a summer working there. Spending a summer working at a Summer Camp in America means you’ll be paid to have fun, play games, and sing songs. Let’s be honest, that sounds better than any other job advert you’ve ever seen… right? Paid. To have fun! Getting a job at Summer Camp will help make you more employable too, and you’ll pick up invaluable skills. Apply for Camp in America If you fancy having the best summer of your life working at camp in America, then why not apply now?

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Summer Camp Counselor Job Description

31st July 2018  |  Blog,Camp Life

Summer Camp Counselor Job Description Working at camp will be one of the best jobs you’ll ever have, but what’s in a Summer Camp Counselor job description? You’ll be paid to have fun in the sun and you’ll be helping campers get the very best out of their summer experience. We work with more than 500 camps right across America. They all work slightly differently to each other, but there are similarities. So what does a Summer Camp Counselor job description look like? A Camp Counselor’s Job Role Every summer, thousands of children from all over America head out of the city for a summer of fun in the sun. You’ll be a big brother or sister to the campers, help them get stuck into all the activities on offer, and make sure they have fun. As a Camp Counselor, you’ll also help more experienced Specialist Counselors run some of the activities. The campers you’ll work with will be away from home, so you’ll sometimes be a shoulder to cry on. Everyone goes through homesickness. As the weeks pass by, your campers will come out of their shells, take on challenges, and make new friends. There’s nothing more rewarding than that! Camp Counselor Skills There’s no one set of skills that makes someone an awesome Camp Counselor. Every camp is looking for something slightly different in their staff. That means there isn’t one Summer Camp Counselor Job Description that covers all camps… but there are certain things everyone’s looking out for. If you’ve got any experience working with children, you’ll have picked up lots of skills that could make you a good person for a camp to hire. That experience can be anything from babysitting a sibling to volunteering or coaching in local community groups. It doesn’t have to be formal work experience. Camps want to hire people who are happy to roll their sleeves up and work hard. If you’re positive and willing to take on a challenge with a smile, you’re in with a shot! We recently wrote a blog that covered what a Camp Director is looking for in the people she hires, and there’s more info here. Become a Camp Counselor with USA Summer Camp Ready to start the best summer of your life with the best summer job abroad? Step this way and apply now!

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The Best Summer Job for Students

30th July 2018  |  Blog,Camp Life

The Best Summer Job for Students Looking for the best summer job for students? Look no further because a job at Summer Camp in America is waiting for you! Getting a summer job that fits around your university timetable can be pretty tough, especially in a really competitive job market. Even if you do land a job, getting stuck in an office or working hard on a shop floor isn’t exactly ideal… or fun. We might be a little biased, but we think working at Summer Camp is the best summer job for students. Still unsure? Keep reading below! You’ll Experience a Summer Job Like No Other A Summer Camp job in America is a job like no other. It’s the most fun you’ll ever have at work, but you’ll work crazy hard. You’ll be paid to be a big brother or sister to the campers you’re looking after, and you’ll get stuck into countless fun activities. Whether it’s playing ultimate frisbee or singing songs around a campfire, it beats an office job in the UK! There’s no other job in the world that’ll give you the chance to experience as many new things as working as a Camp Counselor will. Jobs at Camp Fit Around Course Dates If you’re looking for the best summer job for students, Summer Camp might just fit what you’re looking for. Most university courses start in mid-September and end in late-May, which leaves you with about four months of free time. We work with over 500 camps in America who all start around June and finish in August which fits perfectly with the University dates! After camp finishes, you also get 30 days of travel to explore as much of America as you like which fits in with your dates too. As we said, work hard and travel harder! All your accommodation and food costs are covered while you work at camp… which is a bit of a bonus! Summer Camp is Student Budget Friendly Heading abroad for a summer job can be a pretty costly thing, but going to camp with us is different. Not only will you be paid, but the program fees are a really great value. You get a lot of bang for your buck! Insurance, return flights, accommodation, food, and your visa paperwork can all be included in your program fees for less than a flight would usually cost! Summer Camp Jobs Suit Your Course Whether you’re a Trainee Teacher, studying performing arts, or want to work in sports… camp is a great place for experience. You’ll be surprised just how many different skills you’ll pick up at camp that’ll be career-relevant. Your CV will definitely stand out after a summer in America! If you’re ready to head to work at Summer Camp in America, why not apply now?

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How Long Does Camp in America Last?

29th July 2018  |  Blog,Camp Life

How Long Does Camp in America Last? The best summer of your life is waiting for you on the other side of the Atlantic, but how long does camp in America last? When you’re having as much fun as you’ll have at Summer Camp, it’s pretty easy to wish it’d go on forever. The USA Summer Camp team get asked a lot of questions about how life at camp works. The length of the trip us one of the most common! So, how long does camp in America last? Working at Summer Camp in America We work with more than 500 Summer Camps in America, and they all work slightly differently when it comes to start and end dates. Most Summer Camps start between mid-May and late-June and run for about 9 weeks. You’ll spend 9 to 12 weeks out in America as part of your Summer Camp experience. It’ll be the time of your life! Your first week in America is likely to be a training week – sometimes called Counselor Week – where you start getting to know how camp works. After that, you’ll have around 8 weeks of having fun working at camp. While you work, you’ll make memories that’ll last a lifetime! Travel America After Summer Camp Ends Travelling around America is a big part of the Summer Camp experience. After camp ends, you’ll have 30 days to explore as much of America as you can handle before you need to head home. Fancy seeing the bright lights of Vegas, or are the busy streets of New York more your thing? You might even find yourself road tripping across the country with your new friends from camp Go to Camp in America with USA Summer Camp Are you ready for the best summer of your life? Why not apply for Summer Camp today?

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Why Work at Summer Camp in America?

28th July 2018  |  Before Camp,Blog

Why Work at Summer Camp in America? There a lot of different reasons to work at Summer Camp in America. Getting to explore the US and having the time of your life are two! Thousands of international staff head Stateside to work at camp every year, and everyone has their own motivations. Whatever your reason, there’s a perfect summer job abroad waiting for you, but are you up for the adventure? In today’s blog post, we talk through the top reasons why you should work at Summer Camp in America. The Most Fun You’ll Have at Work Working at Summer Camp is the most fun you’ll ever have at work. A big claim, but it’s true. You’ll be paid to try your hand at new activities, be a role model, and make sure campers are having fun. Working as a Camp Counselor is like being paid to play games and sing songs all day! And you’ll be working in the sun all day. There’s nothing more rewarding than having an impact on the lives of the campers and seeing them improve their skills and confidence. You’ll Find Yourself at Summer Camp I know it’s a massive cliche, but you really will find yourself while you work at Summer Camp. You’ll work with people from all over the world and be immersed in a different culture than you’re used to. That means you’ll face lots of new challenges. You’ll need to dig deep and solve problems to get through everything that’s thrown at you. When you look back on your experience, you’ll realize how many skills you’ve picked up and how much you’ve grown. You’ll Shine in Job Interviews You’ll have lots of answers to the typical job interview questions you’ll face when you come back home! Motivated a camper to overcome their fears? Faced and beat homesickness and culture shock? Travelled alone for the first time? Your experiences will help you really shine in job interviews because you’ll stand out against everyone else who wants the job. You’ll probably find the person interviewing you wants to find out as much about camp as they do about you!

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The Best American Summer Camp Activities

25th July 2018  |  Blog,Camp Life

The Best American Summer Camp Activities New friends and life experiences are all waiting for you in America, and so are the best American Summer Camp activities. Working at camp means you’ll try your hand at more new activities than you can imagine. Way more than you would at home! One of the most exciting parts about camp is the chance to try new things and push yourself out of your comfort zone. With all of the things on offer, what are the best American Summer Camp activities? High Ropes High Ropes are incredible rope courses that run high up in the trees. They’re full of obstacles, so you’ll need to stay alert! They’re a big favourite amongst campers and Camp Counselors alike, and once you’ve had your first go, you’ll be hooked. Not only will the High Ropes get your adrenaline pumping, but you’ll get to see some pretty incredible views from high up. Find out more about becoming a High Ropes and Climbing Instructor at Summer Camp. Lake Activities The lake is the very best place to be at camp. Working on the water in the sunshine… nothing’s better than that. If you’re lucky enough to be placed at a Summer Camp with a big lake – and most of them have one – then you’ll have a great summer! From paddle boarding to wakeboarding, water skiing to inflatable courses, the lake is always an exciting place to be. Hiking Adventure Trips One of the most magical parts about life at Summer Camp is that you’re immersed in nature. Getting up close and personal with incredible scenery never gets old, and it’s a big reason that people go back to camp each year. Hiking and adventure trips will take you in the deep depths of lush, green forests and they’ll help engage your inner explorer. Find out more about Hiking and Adventure Leading at Summer Camp. Performing Arts Performing Arts isn’t for everyone, but for people who like taking center stage, then it’s a perfect way to spend the summer. Lots of Summer Camps in America have dedicated Performing Arts departments and there are even specialist camps that focus on performing. Creating little skits and watching your campers perform will bring you incredible joy, and you’ll be creating awesome memories. Find out more about Performing Arts at Summer Camp in America. Video & Photography Photography and videography are some of the more modern activities on offer at Summer Camp. For anyone looking to develop a career in the media industry, then this could be the perfect stepping stone. The scenery at camp is usually pretty stunning, so you’ll have plenty of subject matter to capture. Find out more about Photography and Videography jobs at Summer Camp in America.

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How to Ace Your Summer Camp Interview Questions

23rd July 2018  |  Before Camp,Blog

After you’ve applied for camp in America, you’ll need to get ready for your Summer Camp Interview. You’ll be on your way to the best summer of your life, but the first step is a phone interview with one of our team members. We’ll want to get to know you a little better, find out more about your skills, and walk you through how life at camp works. We call it an interview, but it’s really just an informal chat to find out how we can help you! In today’s blog post, we talk through how you can ace your Summer Camp interview. Do Your Research We don’t expect you to know everything about life at Summer Camp, but having some knowledge will set you up for a great start. You need to know what you’re letting yourself in for, so make sure you have a good read of the Learn About Camp section of our website and getting to know what your typical day at camp would be. It’s totally normal to have lots of questions about how the process works and what it’s like at camp in America. Don’t worry if you find yourself asking for lots of help! We’re as excited about getting you to camp as you are, so we’ll walk you through every step.  Know Your Skills Before the interview, have a think about your skills and qualifications. You might not think they’re relevant, but you’ll be surprised about what camps are looking for. Whether it’s babysitting, playing sports, or community work, camps want to know what fills your time. Camps also want to know about your passions, hobbies, and interests. Good at arts and crafts, sports, or something else? Awesome, make sure you tell us! Want to get a head start? If you fill out some of the skills on your application, we can match you up with the perfect interviewer. Summer Camp Personal Interview Questions Some of the questions you might be asked in your interview will give you a great opportunity to show why you would make the best camp counselor, specialist counselor or support staff member. Here are some questions you might want to think about for your interview: What made you want to apply to work at Summer Camp? Are you a team player or do you prefer to work alone? Which of your interests and hobbies do you think would be helpful within this summer camp role? What experience do you have that would make you suitable for this position? How do you handle stressful situations? What would make you the perfect fit for the Summer Camp job? Show Your Personality Being a great Camp Counselor is about more than skills, it’s about personality too! Working at a Summer Camp in America means you’ll be helping to make a difference in the lives of excited children. Camps want to know they’re hiring someone enthusiastic, passionate, and not afraid of getting stuck in and working hard. As well as highlighting your skills, make sure you’re showing off your personality as best as you can too. Be Ready to Progress Once you’ve aced your Summer Camp interview, you’ll move on to the next stage and you’ll be another step closer to going to America. The next step after your phone interview is meeting one of our National Support Team (NST) face-to-face in your local area. They’ve been to camp before so they’ll be able to walk you through the whole process and answer every question you can possibly imagine. Meeting a member of our NST will help you get your profile ready for camps to have a look through. That’ll help make sure you get hired! Start Your Summer Adventure Now – Apply With USA Summer Camp! At USA Summer Camp we are leaders in our industry and 100% guarantee you a summer camp placement. Give our friendly team a call on 0121 411 9165 for advice or support with your application. Your summer adventure starts today!

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Coach Football in America – The Best Summer Job

27th July 2018  |  Blog,Camp Life

Coach Football in America You’ll need to get used to calling it soccer, but if you want to coach football in America then Summer Camp is a great option. The sport is growing rapidly and the women’s game is a genuine world leader, so it’s a great time to coach Stateside. You’ll spend the summer coaching excited children and helping them to learn and develop their footballing skills. It’s an incredibly rewarding summer job, and you’ll be paid to play football in the American sunshine! A Rewarding Summer Job Abroad There are specialist football camps in America, while football also plays a part in life at traditional Summer Camps. Either way, you’ll be focused on helping campers have fun and learn new skills. Not a bad way to spend a summer, right? Whether it’s a day focused on dribbling and control skills, or a fun, free for all game, being paid to coach football in America is a rewarding job. Working closely with campers of all ages to help them develop their skills and grow as players is unlike anything else. Skills and Qualifications You’ll Need Summer Camps in America like hiring international staff to help deliver their football coaching programs. A lot of people who apply to work at Summer Camp want to coach football in America. Summer Camp football programs are popular, so you’ll need a way to help your application stand out from the crowd. If you’ve passed a level one or two coaching qualification, you’ll have a headstart above everyone else. If not, but you’ve played the game at a good standard, it’ll help your application too. Your Dream Summer Abroad Being able to coach football in America is a dream summer for a lot of people. If you’re ready to kick off the biggest adventure of your life, then apply for Summer Camp now!

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What are Summer Camp Directors Looking for?

22nd July 2018  |  Before Camp,Blog

What are Summer Camp Directors Looking for? We get asked ‘what are Summer Camp Directors looking for’ a lot by people looking to head to camp in America. If you want to become a Camp Counselor, then finding out more about the people who hire them is a good idea. In today’s blog, a Camp Director talks us through what she looks for from her staff. Amanda Ward is the Camp Director at Camp Chinqueka, an all-girls camp in Connecticut. What Matters More: Skills or Personality? That’s a tough question. Other Camp Directors might answer this one differently, but for me, skills and personality are equal. It’s important to have the skills to teach lessons. But it’s as important to be willing to work hard and be open to new experiences. Some of the best staff we’ve had at Camp Chinqueka weren’t necessarily the “best” at sport or dance. But they were enthusiastic, curious, kind, and well spoken. I recently hired a fantastic Archery Camp Counselor. She’d only started in the sport about a year before the interview with me. She was really open about the fact she still had a lot to learn about the sport, but I found it hard to care because she was so interesting! She told great stories, looked me right in the eye, and her personality was larger than life. I knew I wanted her on my team and knew our campers would be drawn to her! What are Essential Skills for a Camp Counselor? It’s absolutely essential to have some kind of experience working with children. It’s not the case for all camps though. It doesn’t have to be formal experience, like teaching in a school or coaching sports. Any informal experience like babysitting would be great too. Make sure you highlight any experience you have working with children to Camp Directors so they know you’re excited about engaging with campers. How Does Someone’s Online Profile Stand Out? Videos, videos, videos! If you can’t make it to a Placement Fair, do your best to create a short video because it can really boost your application. It doesn’t need to be a fancy video, but it gives a Camp Director the chance to hear you speak confidently about yourself. If I’m looking at two similarly skilled profiles, and one has a video and one doesn’t, the applicant with the video is going to have more of a chance of capturing my attention.

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Working at a Girl Scout Camp in America

18th January 2020  |  Blog,Camp Life

Working at a Girl Scout Camp in America Working at a Girl Scout Camp is a massively empowering way to spend a summer working in America. Girl Scout Camps aim to help build girls’ courage, confidence, and character, and they’re a big part of many girls’ lives. While every Girl Scout Camp is a little different from each other, there are some things they all have in common. Today’s Guest Blogger, Jess Toogood, walks us through what life working at a Girl Scout Camp in America is like. You’ll Work with Kick-Ass Women Everyone working at a Girl Scout Camp is a really special kind of person. They’re all committed to helping empower the next generation of women and they pull together to create a really supportive community. My best friends are all people I met working at a Girl Scout camp. They really support me in everything I do, even if it’s a bit silly! The Empowerment is Real The empowerment of life at camp is one of the best things I’ve ever experienced. Society shows young girls that certain roles are for girls and others are for boys, but it’s just not true at camp. Campers are allowed to explore and discover what interests and excites them. Whether it’s helping their fellow campers make it across the high ropes course or working out how to make an elastic band powered car to run, everything is girl-led. There are Almost Zero Boys The majority of Girl Scout Camps will have just one or two members of male staff. Even if there are any, they typically work behind the scenes. All the staff in charge of looking after the campers are usually women. I know some people are put off by this, but just take a second to think about it. No boys mean there are no pressures for the girls to look or act a certain way. Taking away that pressure can be pretty incredible. It really allows the campers to open up and by the end of the week, you’ll see some incredible changes in them. Things are Stripped Right Back Not all camps are the same, but Girl Scout Camps tend to be a bit more rustic than Traditional Summer Camps. We have teepees, platform tents, and yurts as living units rather than log cabins. Rustic camps let you remove yourself from the modern world. That means you’ll start to appreciate what’s around you rather than worrying about how many likes you get on Facebook. If this sounds like the perfect summer for you, apply here now!

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