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9 Perks of Choosing USA Summer Camp

Ready to Start Planning your Next Summer Adventure?

Planning your next summer adventure can be quite tricky and we completely understand! This is why we, USA Summer Camp, are here to save the day. From getting you on to the program, helping you bag your summer job, and sending you to America, we are here every step of the way. Unsure why we’re the best? Here are nine perks to choosing USA Summer Camp for the summer of your life.

We've Placed 100% of Applicants

Over the last five years with our America team, we’ve found 100% of our applicants their perfect summer job. (Woo, go us!) We’re on track to do the same this year. If you want to go to Summer Camp, we can get you there!

600 Summer Camps are Waiting for You

We work with over 600 Summer Camps in America and all of these amazing (like, seriously amazing) camps are looking for staff like you. Our camps are based in almost every state so you could literally end up anywhere! Summer in LA? Yes, please!


9-5? We're 9-7

We know that you’re busy at work and uni, we totally get it. This is why our office hours are 9 am – 7 pm Monday to Thursday and 9 am – 3:30 pm on Friday so you can ring us after you finish work or uni! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

We're the Summer Camp Experts

We do really know our stuff. We’ve been around since 2007 and everybody in the office has either been or is going to camp this summer. We’ve been in your shoes, we understand what you’re going through! Going to camp can be an exciting and a scary decision, but with choosing USA Summer Camp, it’ll be a breeze. With over 40 combined summer experiences, we really are the Summer Camp experts, trust us!


Flights or No Flights? You Choose!

Whether you want to sort out your own travels or let us do all the hard work for you, it’s completely up to you. Many of our applicants choose flights included if they’ve never arranged international flights before and would prefer it to be a bit more hassle-free. Where else can you get a flight to America sorted for you for just £250 extra? We offer two different flight options to suit your travel plans so travelling with us is simple!

We Take Care of the Tricky Bits

We know that the J1 visa and insurance can very confusing, especially if it’s your first time going to camp. We arrange and send you your visa paperwork so you don’t need to worry! We also offer loads of Visa support so if you’re ever stuck, we’ve got you. Even when you’re away in America, we have a 24/7 US team who are there to help you. We’re there with you every step of the way.

Olly Pemberton

Get the Highest Salary

One of the most important parts, salary (oh, yea!). How much you get paid depends on your experience, age, camp, flights and job role,  but with choosing USA Summer Camp, you’ll get paid the best salary for your hard work at camp.

We Come to You!

We have an incredible team of interviewers across the country. They’re there to help you make your profile perfect and get you ready to be put out in front of camps. They’re honestly lifesavers.

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Flexible Payments

We’re flexible when it comes to paying for your trip to the US! You won’t need to pay in a big lump sum and you can pay in a way that’s best for you. You can thank us later.

Sounds good, right? We have hundreds of Summer Camps hiring right now. Let’s get you to America this summer. If you would like to get your summer adventure started with us, apply here!

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Jess Lucas
Jess Lucas
Jess is the Marketing Executive at USA Summer Camp. She has just completed her first summer at Camp IHC and cannot wait to show everyone how great Summer Camp really is.
Call now +44 (0)121 411 9165

5 Questions We Get About Working at a Special Needs Camp

Staff Spotlight – Meet Roisin

Have you met Roisin? She’s a part of the Irish USA Summer Camp team and is there with you every step of the way through your summer journey! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be shining a spotlight on the staff at USA Summer Camp. We have a wonderful team who work hard to help make the best summer of your life a reality.

Meet Roisin

Hey! I’m Roisin. My job is to make sure our applicants have the best experience when they plan their exciting journey to camp and help them along the way! Getting to help everyone with their profiles reminds me that I’m also going to camp for the first time this summer. I can relate to the applicants and it gets me very excited!

My Favourite Work Memory

My favourite memory has to be the office Olympics – even though I finished last. Laura arranged an office Olympics day at the end of September which involved a lot of different activities and a huge sense of competitiveness. Javelin, with pencils and rubbish bins, was my forte and my only strong point. Archery with elastic bands aimed at Micheal Scott’s face… not so much.

My Day in Three Words

Coffee, dog, and memes.

My Favourite Place I’ve Travelled to

Disneyland, the most magical place on earth! I’ve been to Disneyland Paris twice and would go back again in a heartbeat. Now, I’ve made it my mission to go to Disneyland Park in Californa for my travels after Summer Camp!

First Time Going to Summer Camp

I’ve never been to camp or to America before, so I’ll be going to both for my first time this summer, finally! I was hired at the Dublin Job Fair in January and will be spending my first summer at Camp Chi as a General Camp Counselor. I can’t WAIT to spend my summer in America.

My Favourite Place in America

I have never been to America before, but for my 30 days of travel after camp, I am eager to explore Seattle.

Don’t Give Up on Your Dream Summer Job Abroad

If you didn’t get placed at one of our Job Fairs or still waiting for a camp to hire you, don’t give up as your dream Job Abroad is just around the corner. Remember, it is still early days in the season. Hundreds of camps are still looking for Camp Counselors who will be perfect for their camp. Trust us, your camp is out there and they’re going to find you very soon!

Job Fairs

Didn’t get hired at one of our Job Fairs? Don’t worry as we still have hundreds of camps online looking for staff. The fact you put the time aside to visit and try has given you a confidence boost already! It’s completely normal to have the post Job Fair blues, but it means the camp that you’re meant to spend your summer was not at the Job Fair. The interviews you had at the Job Fairs are a great experience for future interviews. You now know what to expect so you can smash your next interview with camp!

What to Do Next

All you need to do in the meantime is make sure every section is complete. Go above and beyond on your profile and go into detail about yourself and your skills. Don’t be scared to brag about yourself! Tell camps how great you really are. If you need any help on this, check out our blog on How to Ace Your Summer Camp Profile. Also, make a start on your Police Check and Medical History Form. This is so you can be on the top of your game and not have to worry about it closer to the time of you flying out to camp.

You Will Get Placed

Whilst it may have been comforting to have a place at a camp already, it’s completely normal to not have your job at this stage. Didn’t get placed at a Job Fair? The chances of getting placed on the day are uncertain when you realise the number of camps we are associated with. We work with over 600 camps in America and there is a camp out there for you. Don’t lose faith yet. Finding the perfect camp for you is like finding the perfect Ben and Jerry’s ice cream: you may have to go through new flavours before you find your best friend for life.

5 Questions About Working at a Special Needs Camp

There are a lot of questions about the topic of working at a Special Needs Camp. Some people don’t know what to expect and think it’s not the summer for them. Unsure whether it’s for you? Becky spent her first summer working as Support Staff at the Special Needs Camp Southampton Fresh Air Fund. She is here to talk about her experience working at a Special Needs Camp.

Do You Need Experience to Work at a Special Needs Camp?

I had never worked with anyone with Special Needs before and I didn’t even have any experience with children. Most camps will fly out their staff before camp starts for a training week. All the training that you need will be provided to get you ready for the summer. If your camp didn’t think you could work with people with Special Needs, they wouldn’t have hired you and we wouldn’t have accepted you to work at a Special Needs Camp!

Will I do a Good Job?

Everyone who is going to camp for the first time is going to be in the same boat. Before working at a Special Needs Camp, you will all get trained together and soon enough, you will be a pro at the lifting techniques and be able to handle anything that is thrown at you. If you are every worried, there will be returning staff who you can talk to and get some guidance from. Everyone will be supportive! When all the campers arrive, it will be overwhelming, but once you sit down and start speaking with them, you will build a bond with them very quickly.

Are Special Needs Camps Different from Other Camps?

Every camp is different. No two camps are the same, but we aim to make sure the kids have the best summer possible. At the end of the day, kids are kids and we want each and every kid at camp to have an amazing summer no matter who they are. Each camp has their own quirks and traditions and Special Need Camps are no different! We did Colour War and also planned a Prom. All the campers and staff got dressed up, took lots of photos, and ate LOTS of cake. On the very last night of camp, we did wish boats where each camper would write a wish on a small boat, light a candle, and sail it across the pool. The last campers candle to go out would have their wish come true.

Why Did You Decide to Go for a Special Needs Camp?

When I spoke to the Camp Directors, I got a very good vibe from them. They were both so lovely and helpful throughout the whole process of getting to camp. I was 18 when I flew out to camp and it was my first time flying on my own, but I was able to meet some of the new staff online before flying out which helped to calm my nerves. Soon after the kids arrived at camp, I realised that working at a Special Needs Camp was the best decision I had ever made. It was an extremely rewarding experience that brought out a completely new side to me.  Since you are working with fewer kids, you are able to form stronger bonds with them as they often stay for weeks at a time.

Why Should Work at a Special Needs Camp

One of my favourite memories from camp was with a camper. He was new to the camp and wrote a little note to say thank you to all of the Counselors and Support Staff in his bunk for helping him settle in and have an amazing time at camp. This experience has changed my outlook on life leading me down a career path aiming to work with sick children in hospitals and I couldn’t be more grateful for the amazing staff I worked alongside. This could be your experience next summer.

If you would like to spend your summer making a difference, apply here.

Becky is a member of the USA Summer Camp gang. She worked at Southhampton Fresh Air Fund as a Kitchen Support Staff!