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Summer Camp is the Best Way to Travel America

Summer Camp is the Best Way to Travel America

We think that working at Summer Camp is the best way to travel America, but we might be a little biased!

A camp job is the perfect blend of travelling and working abroad. Thousands of people do it every year!

In today’s Guest Blog post, Lana talks through why she thinks Summer Camp is the best way to travel America.

My American Adventure

When I embarked on my Summer Camp adventure, I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I’d never visited the USA before, but after spending my childhood binging on American TV shows, I knew it was somewhere I wanted to visit.

I felt really drawn to the bright lights of New York. I’d thought a lot about the beaches of California, and the national parks too.

Looking back at my time at Summer Camp, I honestly don’t think I could have chosen a better way to visit America for the first time.

Student Budget Friendly

The biggest thing that stopped me from visiting the USA before camp was the cost of flights.

When you add in the costs of accommodation, transport, entertainment, and food, it all starts to add up.

I just didn’t have the budget as a student, but then I worked out that Summer Camp is the best way to travel America.

Summer Camp costs less than £700 with flights, accommodation, food, and medical insurance all in.

On top of that, I earned money whilst I was working at camp so I effectively made the money back!

Real Cultural Experience

There’s really no better way to experience America than spending three months there.

You’ll probably put on a few pounds because of all the tasty food, but you’ll learn about American history and culture too.

You’ll go to flag raising every morning, experience the 4th july celebrations, and learn the difference between football and soccer.

Your new American friends might be able to show you around the country after camp ends too!

Making a Difference

You’ll share the highs and the lows with your campers, from homesickness through to not wanting to go home!

This experience just isn’t something you can get on your average beach holiday or city break.

My absolute favorite memory from camp was when I was trying to get the children to sleep.

Instead of sleeping, they starting singing a song about how much they loved me and how I’d helped them.

It may have been out of tune, but it brought a tear to my eye!

Lana Sleight
Lana Sleight
Lana has worked at Summer Camp for a couple of years - once as a Horse Riding Specialist Counselor and once as Support Staff in the back office. Tripp Lake Camp, where Lana has worked, is a private all girls camp in Maine.
Call now +44 (0)121 411 9165

What’s Stopping You Going to Summer Camp?

4 Summer Camp Phrases Explained

Know your Camp Christmas from your 10 for 2? Here are 4 Summer Camp phrases explained…

Life at camp is a bit like a bubble, so much so it even has it’s own language!

Don’t worry though, because, after a few days, you’ll be as fluent as everyone else.

Camp Christmas

Just because it’s the middle of summer and you’re in shorts and a t-shirt doesn’t mean it can’t be Christmas.

Every year, camp staff and campers come together and celebrate as if it was December 25th.

There’s a visit from Santa, wrapped presents, and a feast at dinner time!

10 for 2

If you spend 10 months counting down to the two you’ll spend at camp, then you’re living 10 for 2!

A summer at camp will be the best summer of your life. If you return to camp, you’ll experience it over and over!

Hot Days

One of the great things about working at camp is getting paid to have fun in the sun.

When it gets too hot to do anything, you’ll get a Hot Day. The day’s all about time in the pool and pizza!


Counselors get downtime to re-charge their batteries during the day, and that time is sometimes called Paperwork.

Off for a quick snack? You’re doing your paperwork. Need the loo? Paperwork!

The Best Sports Coaching Jobs in America

Bagging one of the best sports coaching jobs in America would be a great way to spend a summer.

Sport plays a massive part in life at Summer Camp, and they’re some of the most popular activities.

Getting to play, coach, and have fun all day sounds like a good summer, right?

Coach Soccer at Summer Camp

Coaching Soccer at Summer Camp is one of the most popular job options for Europeans heading to camp.

You’ll need to learn to call it soccer, but both men’s and women’s football is growing massively in America.

As a coach, you’ll be helping players of all levels improve their skills through the sessions you run.

Adding international coaching experience to your coaching CV will help you grow your own skills too.

Teach Archery at Summer Camp

Are you a bit of an expert with a bow and arrow? Want to channel your inner Robin Hood?

Working as an Archery Instructor at Summer Camp is one of the best sports coaching jobs in America.

The sport has been a massive part of life at camp since camps started and the campers love it!

Become a Climbing Instructor

If you’re adventurous and want to become a Climbing Instructor at camp, step this way!

You’ll help the campers overcome their fears and get further up the wall on each try.

It’s a really rewarding job and you’d be paid to enjoy your hobby… which is a bonus!

Coach Tennis at Summer Camp

Spending your day out on court helping the campers improve their shots is great fun.

Some camps offer tennis sessions as part of their program, and others are specialist tennis camps.

If you’re up for one of the best sports coaching jobs in America, why not apply for camp today!

What’s Stopping You Going to Summer Camp?

The adventure of a lifetime is waiting for you, so what’s stopping you going to Summer Camp?

Upping sticks to America for the summer can be a scary thought. But, it’s more than worth going.

You’ll learn new skills, make new friends, get paid to have fun, and you’ll literally change your life!

Let’s have a look at the top reasons that might be stopping you going to Summer Camp…

Friends and Family

Spending 9 to 12 weeks in America means you’ll be away from your friends and family.

Everyone goes through a bit of homesickness, but everyone bands together to get through it.

Living and working with people for that long means you’ll quickly become like a little family of your own.

You’ll meet people from all over the world and you’ll learn so much about different cultures too.

Your friends and family will still be there when you get home. They’ll be really jealous of your trip though!

University Lectures

The vast majority of the people who go to Summer Camp in America are students.

Summer Camp dates fit perfectly around the end of Summer Term, so you’ll be able to take part.

The latest date you can fly to America is on the morning of 19th June, well after lectures end!

You’ll be heading home before lectures restart in September too, so there are no worries there.

Summer Job at Home

Working at home or travelling and landing a dream summer job abroad… there’s no comparison!

Being able to add international work experience to your CV will help your career in lots of different ways.

You’ll be able to show you’re flexible, committed, independent, and well-travelled, just by working at camp!

Having Enough Skills

Some people worry about not having the right skills to work at Summer Camp.

American Summer Camps hire for a massive range of skills and lots you’d never think they would.

From sports to the arts, computing to magic, yoga to survival skills, and everything in between!

Whatever your skills, hobbies, and interests, there’s a perfect Summer Camp job waiting for you.

Dave Scotford
Dave Scotford
Dave is the Head of Marketing at USA Summer Camp. He's travelled quite a bit, and has covered most of Europe and South America.