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National Parks in America You Have to Explore

Fancy Exploring the National Parks in America on Your Travels?

National parks in America. If these aren’t on your bucket list already, they sure will be after reading this blog. America is home to some of the most beautiful national parks in the world. From a range of mountains, beaches, and deserts, it’s impossible to get bored while exploring these unique gems. There are 58 national parks in America for you to explore, but here are some of our favourites that we think you need to visit on your travels after camp.

Grand Canyon

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should have heard of the famous American landmark, the Grand Canyon. This wonder is around 277 miles in length and stretches 18 miles across which is crazy. There are loads of different things to do at the national park from hikes, train rides, rafting, helicopter rides and so much more. It honestly is amazing and something you can’t miss out on when in America. Your Insta feed will look AWESOME after this trip too.


Yellowstone National Park

This national park is actually in three states of America covering Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho! As Yellowstone is actually an active supervolcano, (Whattttt!?) one of the main sites of the park is the Geyer Basins. One of the most famous springs on Yellowstone is the Grand Prismatic spring. It’s one of the largest and deepest springs in the world. It shines with all different colours of orange, yellow, green and blue which makes it even more special. Another area to check out is the Hayden Valley. Here’s where you will really get to experience American wildlife. Bison, grizzly bears, and wolves stroll around the park so make sure you keep an eye out for these when exploring the park. Where else can you come face to face with a real-life grizzly bear!?

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite is one of our all-time favourite national parks in America. This beauty is in California and around two hours away from San Francisco. Filled with loads of different paths to hike and waterfalls, there’s so much for you to see and explore. If you’re ready for an adventure, you can kayak, rock climb, bike and horse ride all around the park. How exciting is that!? You won’t believe it’s real until you have seen it yourself. Photos just don’t do it justice.

Joshua Tree

This park is a little different to the rest of the national parks out there. Joshua Tree is based in California like Yosemite. Fun fact, many American Car TV Commercials have been filmed here which is pretty cool. There are all different types of trails and hikes to explore like Cholla Cactus Garden, Barker Dam Nature Trail, and Hidden Valley Nature Trail. Make sure to check the trail’s difficulty and length before setting off. Some can be around a mile long and can need you to climb up the mountains. There’s limited water on the hikes so do pack up on water and sunscreen! Again, you’ll get amazing photos for your Insta feed.

Bryce Canyon

Hoodoo’s made out of the water, ice, and gravity fill the Bryce Canyon. It’s definitely a place to put on your bucket list. The Bryce Canyon is surrounded by red, orange, white rocks which are really unique to the other national parks in America. Even though it is a desert, there are over 400 plant species all over the park to see. This is the place to do some sightseeing, but if that’s not your cup of tea, you can bike, hike, horse ride and tour around the landmark. Top tip, go when the sun is setting to get the most stunning views. If you’re near Utah, you have to visit this place.

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Jess Lucas
Jess Lucas
Jess is the Marketing Executive at USA Summer Camp. She has just completed her first summer at Camp IHC and cannot wait to show everyone how great Summer Camp really is.
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How to Save Up For The Trip of a Lifetime

Hey, I’m Chloe!

This is my first season in the office! I help all our applicants on their journey to head out to Camp from making sure profiles are completed, documents are in and helping get everything prepared for their departure to the States. I also visit universities to meet our applicants and hold information stands and presentations.

My Favourite Work Memory

My favourite memory has to be attending our Dublin Job Fair in January. This was my first job fair and was the best experience. I loved helping and meeting our Irish Applicants and it was such a rewarding feeling seeing applicants so excited when they got placed at Camps! It was also fun to get to meet so many of the amazing Camp’s that we work with.

My Day in Three words

Dr Pepper, Kardashians, and Documents

My Favourite Place I’ve Travelled

It has to be Cancun, Mexico! I’ve visited here with my family 3 times and each time we have been able to do so many different things such as swim with Dolphins, Flyboard and release baby Turtles back into the ocean. Everything about Cancun is beautiful from the weather, beaches, food and scenery. Visiting here is definitely a must!

My Summer Camp Experience

I’m hoping to head out to camp next summer! Working in the office has shown me what I’ve missed out on all these years not going to camp. If I could turn back time I would have headed out to camp for my first summer as soon as I turned 18!

The Best Thing About Camp

Meeting friends for life, having fun all day long, and learning new things about yourself! It is such a unique and rewarding experience heading out to camp. It also looks amazing on your CV and to future employers as you will learn so many transferable skills over the summer. A huge benefit is also getting 30 days after to travel around the States. Travelling is the perfect way to end summer with your besties from camp in a State that you have always dreamed of visiting.

My Favourite Place in America

I have been very lucky to visit New York, Miami, and Florida! I loved each place for so many different reasons. But my all-time favourite place EVER has to be New York. I visited here in 2012 and in February this year; I just love the busy atmosphere of the city and how everywhere you walk reminds you of a movie. The food and shopping are also amazing- especially Sephora and the Hershey’s store. If I could live here I definitely would!

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 Get Ready To Put Your Game Face On

Unsure what a Summer Camp game day is? When you get to camp, you’ll soon realise Summer Camp game days are EVERYTHING. The campers live for these events and stock up on accessories, face paint, and outfits to get into the camp spirit.

Don’t think you’re the competitive type? Think again! Game days can get intense, but don’t worry, we’re here to make sure you’re super prepared for the events of the summer. Keep reading to find out how to smash and win game days at camp!

Colour War/Olympics

“Make sure you have loads of colourful tees and shorts you don’t mind to get DIRTY!”

Colour War is one of the most famous Summer Camp Game day across America. Split into teams with fellow counselors and campers for some serious games of tug of war, sports, capture the flag and more! The campers will put their ALL into these games so this is your time to show the rest of camp what you’re really made of.

Top tip, you won’t know which colour team you will be on until you get to camp. Prepare and bring as many different colour tees or stock up on your visit to Walmart. There’s nothing better than standing with your team members all kitted out in your colour, representin’ the team. GO TEAM BLUE!

Camp Carnival

“You’ll eat your body weight in sweets, popcorn, and candy floss.”

Camp Carnival is a little treat game day for the campers to let loose and have fun! There’s Carnival games, bouncy castles, and LOADS of food. You’ll never get hungry as popcorn, sweets, candy floss and chocolate are to be seen everywhere.

Depending on your camp, you’ll be able to go on the rides with your campers and really act like a big kid again. As well as all the rides and food, you can even get married at one of the Carnival stools.  Fake marry your BFF Camp Counselor and live happily ever after.

Rope and Fire

“Get ready for some INTENSE scenes!” 

This is the game day that the older campers and counselors prepare for throughout their Summer Camp years. A couple of days before the event, the rope is soaked in water to make sure it’s extremely hard to burn.

When the event starts, counselors and campers are required to start a fire and build it tall enough to reach the rope. The atmosphere is crazy and everybody screams, sings, and chants for their team. Finally, when the rope breaks, everybody goes absolutely crazy. It’s definitely something you’ll never forget.

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Make The Most of Your 30 Days!

We know the feeling of seeing an amazing trip, but not being able to afford it. Worst feeling ever. Whether you’re wanting to go to Summer Camp for the first time or looking at doing the ultimate Trek America trip after camp, it can be hard to save up the cash. With an office full of travellers and counselors, we’ve had our fair share of saving and budgeting for trips over the years so if you’re desperate to save up for the trip of a lifetime, keep reading below!

Prioritise Your Spending

You see a piece of clothing you just have to buy, it’s calling your name, but you have to stop and think. Is this more important than my trip to America? Probs not! Prioritising your spend is one of the first steps to saving up for the trip of a lifetime. Take a look at all the things you buy over the month and think about if you really need to spend your money on these items. If not, put the money away and save it!

Cut Back On Nights Out

Nights out are fun, but not as fun as exploring a new country, completing your bucket list, and gaining new experiences you can’t get anywhere else. Nights out can be expensive with the drink, entry, and taxi. It all adds up. Save up for the trip of a lifetime by cutting down on the nights out, saving up that money, and chilling at home. Trust us, you’ll thank us later when you’re chilling on a beach in the US of A!

Track Your Spending With An App

To really get motivated and save all the money you can, download a money saving app! Most apps around will show you exactly how much you are saving and set you a goal for each month. Some apps even cancel your unused subscriptions for you which is super handy. Keep an eye on how much you save and really get excited when you reach your goals! Some apps we recommend are Qapital, Claritymoney, and Monzo.

Open a Savings Account

With all the money you save, put it into a separate savings account. This means you won’t be tempted to dip into the money you’ve saved. Top tip: Make it your mission to put at least a pound a day into your savings account. It really will add up!  Your money will be safe and sound in your account, ready for you to take out when it’s time for your trip of a lifetime.

Once the money comes rolling in, you’ll soon see that the trip of a lifetime can be a reality! Whether you’re planning on going to Summer Camp for the first time or going a Trek America trip after camp, you’re going to make it this summer. Ready to get started on your trip of a lifetime? Click below.

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Jess Lucas
Jess Lucas
Jess is the Marketing Executive at USA Summer Camp. She has just completed her first summer at Camp IHC and cannot wait to show everyone how great Summer Camp really is.