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SMART Prepping for Summer Camp in America

SMART Prepping for Summer Camp in America

Summer’s going to be awesome, so it’s time to start prepping for Summer Camp in America!

Getting everything packed up and ready to go is no easy task. It’s something that’ll take you a bit of time.

To help you get the most out of your adventure, we’ve put together a few SMART tips to help you prepare.

S – Summer Sun

The weather gets super hot over the summer, and you’ll need to make sure you stay safe and healthy.

When you get to camp, take every opportunity you can to stock up on sunscreen and bug repellent.

Also, make sure you’ve got a water bottle that you can keep refilling. You’ll thank us later!

M – Money

There’s nothing worse than being abroad and not being able to access your money.

Before you fly, pop into your bank and let them know you’re heading to America.

You might not need to do anything, but it’s worth giving them a heads up so you don’t run into problems later.

Make sure you do some research into the best way to access money. Cash isn’t always king and there are plenty of currency cards available.

A – Activities

There’s a massive range of activities on offer at Summer Camp and you’ll get a chance to take part in most of them.

Don’t be afraid to dive in and get involved in anything and everything you can. How many times will you get the chance in the future?

There will be a lot of people trying out activities for the first time. You’re not going to be alone.

If the campers see you leading by example and trying new things, they’ll be a thousand times more confident to try it themselves.

R – Research and Training

Before the campers arrive for their first day, you’ll go through about a week’s worth of staff training – sometimes called Counselor Week.

During the week, you’ll learn pretty much everything about life at Summer Camp.

You’ll also find out who everyone is, how the activities are run, and all the camp’s policies and procedures.

You probably won’t be the only new person going through Counselor Week. Even the experienced staff go through it as a refresher.

T – Talking

Even if you’re an experienced traveller, working at Summer Camp in America is going to be like nothing you’ve ever done before.

Every single camp offers a difference experience, and even if you’re a returner, things change and so do the people you’ll work with.

It’s really important that you talk to people at camp when you need help or answers to questions. There’s no such thing as silly question!

You’re going to have plenty of people to talk to, from other international staff, domestic American staff, the leadership team, and Directors.

Dave Scotford
Dave Scotford
Dave is the Head of Marketing at USA Summer Camp. He's travelled quite a bit, and has covered most of Europe and South America.
Call now +44 (0)121 411 9165

USA Summer Camp Staff Spotlight – Meet Chloe

Worried About Budgeting for Your Travels?

Are you going Travelling with TrekAmerica or going to be travelling solo for your 30 days of travel after camp? So many factors come into play when trying to figure out what to do for your adventure after camp. Budget, transportation, accommodation and so much more is needed to be taken into consideration. This is why TrekAmerica is here to save the day. Find out below how you can take the stress out of planning for adventure and how to save some cash at the same time!


TrekAmerica Accommodation

First things first, you’ll need to work out where you’re going to stay. A lot of travellers will opt for finding and booking their accommodation as they go. Whilst this gives you the freedom to stay in places for as long as you want, there are problems with this method.

Places get booked up fast, especially in peak season in the city centres or popular destinations. You might find that you have to go further out of town to find accommodation or pay much more than you should to stay in the centre of the action. It can be more expensive to rent rooms on your own and good campgrounds can be hard to find if you’re not sure what to look for.

When travelling with TrekAmerica, you’ll never find yourself without somewhere to stay or panic booking an expensive last minute hotel. All accommodation is paid for and pre-booked in advance. There is a mixture of hotels, hostels and camping, so you’ll be in the thick of the action, camping right on the doorstep on some of the most incredible destinations in North America. We’ve spent years building great relationships with the accommodations that we use – so you’ll find is pretty difficult to get better rates than ours!

Group Deals

TrekAmerica Camp Fire

Travelling as a group in America is definitely cheaper than doing it on your own. Group discounts are offered in restaurants, for events and on a wide range of activities. Most major attractions in the USA will offer discounts to groups. You should really try and make the most of this, otherwise, you’ll find your ‘activities budget’ will spiral out of control before you know it!


Trek America Transport Bus

The most important thing to understand when you’re booking transport is the sheer size of the USA. It’s BIG, and you need to factor this into your travel plans. Public transport can seem like the most obvious option when you’re on a budget. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. If you’re not careful, it can end up costing you the most. Bus routes and train lines often won’t take you all the way into national parks and rural attractions. You’ll end up having to buy expensive taxis or tour buses to get to your planned location.

Hiring a car is another option, but make sure you know the rules in America. You’ll need to be over 21, and you’ll also have to factor in car insurance and petrol. When you’re covering such massive distances, this adds up pretty fast. Driving can also get lonely and quite tiring out there on your own, so why not make life easier and let someone else take the wheel so you can save money!

TrekAmerica trips have the transportation sorted! Our small minibuses can get to the amazing and secret spots that the bigger coach tours can’t reach and you don’t have the hassle that comes with your own car or public transport. All transport is included when travelling with TrekAmerica!


Budgeting Stress and FOMO

Grand Canyon

Planning your budget on the road and the stress that comes with it can be a major hold back for some travellers. The last thing you want to do is waste half a day of your precious trip planning out how to stretch your last dollars. Unexpected costs can creep up on you when you’re travelling. It’s important to be prepared and plan ahead, just in case!

Knowing you’ve paid for things in advance takes the stress out of travelling and leaves space for you to get off the beaten path and have an epic adventure. Trek trips include national park entry fees, food, accommodation and travel, as well as some super awesome activities. So, you can just sit back and relax!


TrekAmerica Pizza Party

Cooking for yourself without your usual kitchen favourites around can be slightly challenging, especially when you’re on a budget. Eating every meal in a restaurant can drain your money pretty fast. Campsites can be limited to cooking equipment as well as making cooking your own meals slightly more difficult!

TrekAmerica camping trips work on a ‘food kitty’ basis. This is where you all contribute $10 a day and then cook up something awesome together around the campfire. This spreads the cost of meals where breakfast and lunch are also covered!

In hostels and hotels, you can choose where to eat, but remember there is power in numbers, so eating out as a group may work better for your budget…

The Locals Know Best


Don’t fall for the tourist traps – and be careful of the ones cleverly disguised as amazing deals! Locals can see a tourist coming from a mile off.  Bear in mind the prices here will be wacked up beyond belief in busy touristy areas! Your money will get you much further if you’ve got insider knowledge and know where to go.

Where better to get this info than our TrekAmerica guides? They’re packed to the brim with knowledge, and can let you know which restaurants will offer you the greatest deals, which place will give you a perfect view of the Grand Canyon, and where to go to find the best music in the Deep South. Local knowledge beats anything you can pay for or find in a guidebook. After all, no one knows a place better than someone who lives there!

Travelling on your own in an amazing experience, and can be truly liberating when you have nothing holding you back. However, it can be more expensive. The benefit of a TrekAmerica trip is that you can travel on your own in a group, with a whole load of other people doing exactly the same thing! Not only will being in a small group make your money go much further than if you went alone, but there are so many other benefits when travelling with TrekAmerica!


To make this EVEN better, we can get you a 10% discount off any trip with TrekAmerica! Just use the code USASC10.


Get Your Discount Here!

Nerves Starting to Kick In?

It’s time to get rid of your nerves before camp. You’re starting to plan and pack for the summer of a lifetime, but then it hits you… NERVES! You all of a sudden become very nervous about jetting off to America and are unsure what to do. Don’t worry, it’s completely normal to feel like this. Almost every first-timer feels like this and even returners. As we’ve all been in the same boat, the USA Summer Camp team have come up with some tips and tricks on how to battle them pre-camp nerves. You’re about to go on one of the best adventures of your life, you’ve got this!

Join our Facebook Group

If you’re worried about not knowing anybody when you get to camp or worried about being on the plane on your own, join our Facebook group! Here’s where you can find other Camp Counselors, find out important information, and make some travel buddies before you jet out to camp. Post in the group to see if there’s anybody else going to your camp or if there’s anybody on your flight so you can travel to the states together. Make sure to ask camp to see if they have their own group too so you can meet your fellow Camp Counselors and get the inside goss!

Talk to Someone!

If you’re feeling really nervous, give the office a call! We have all been in your shoes so we can try and help you as much as we can with our very own tips. We also recommend talking to camp and getting them to answer any questions you have. It’s the place you’re going to be spending your summer so try and find out as much you can so you can get rid of your nerves before camp. Friends and family members might be able to help and give you a boost of confidence!

Read our Blogs

Read through our blogs to get to grips with as much as you can. We write blogs on what to expect when you arrive at camp, camp orientation, days off, travel, homesickness and so much more! These will prepare you for camp so your nerves calm down and you’re ready when you step off that plane.

Ask Returners Questions

Ask your camp returners questions to find out what to expect and if there’s anything they would recommend. This could be clothing, day to day at camp or travel. They’ve been to camp before so they know the low downs and what’s going to happen in the summer. Returners are lovely and will be happy to answer any queries you have so make sure to do this so you can get rid of your nerves before camp.

Look at our Social Media

Our Social Media are packed full of tips, blogs and inspiration for you to sink your teeth into. Follow this a couple of weeks before you jet off so you can get the excitement building and realise you’re about to step into the best summer of your life! If you have any questions, send them to us on our Social Media and we will reply as soon as we can.

Our Social Media Handles are:

Take a Deep Breath

Sit back, relax and remember why you signed up to the program. You’re about to work and travel in the states, make new best friends, experience new things and tick off your bucket list. It really is going to be the best summer ever and you’ll remember it forever. You’ve got this!

Hey, I’m Chloe!

This is my first season in the office! I help all our applicants on their journey to head out to Camp from making sure profiles are completed, documents are in and helping get everything prepared for their departure to the States. I also visit universities to meet our applicants and hold information stands and presentations.

My Favourite Work Memory

My favourite memory has to be attending our Dublin Job Fair in January. This was my first job fair and was the best experience. I loved helping and meeting our Irish Applicants and it was such a rewarding feeling seeing applicants so excited when they got placed at Camps! It was also fun to get to meet so many of the amazing Camp’s that we work with.

My Day in Three words

Dr Pepper, Kardashians, and Documents

My Favourite Place I’ve Travelled

It has to be Cancun, Mexico! I’ve visited here with my family 3 times and each time we have been able to do so many different things such as swim with Dolphins, Flyboard and release baby Turtles back into the ocean. Everything about Cancun is beautiful from the weather, beaches, food and scenery. Visiting here is definitely a must!

My Summer Camp Experience

I’m hoping to head out to camp next summer! Working in the office has shown me what I’ve missed out on all these years not going to camp. If I could turn back time I would have headed out to camp for my first summer as soon as I turned 18!

The Best Thing About Camp

Meeting friends for life, having fun all day long, and learning new things about yourself! It is such a unique and rewarding experience heading out to camp. It also looks amazing on your CV and to future employers as you will learn so many transferable skills over the summer. A huge benefit is also getting 30 days after to travel around the States. Travelling is the perfect way to end summer with your besties from camp in a State that you have always dreamed of visiting.

My Favourite Place in America

I have been very lucky to visit New York, Miami, and Florida! I loved each place for so many different reasons. But my all-time favourite place EVER has to be New York. I visited here in 2012 and in February this year; I just love the busy atmosphere of the city and how everywhere you walk reminds you of a movie. The food and shopping are also amazing- especially Sephora and the Hershey’s store. If I could live here I definitely would!

Want to Find Out More About Summer Camp? Apply Here!


Chloe Wild
Chloe Wild
Chloe is a member of the USA Summer Camp team. She is a placement student and studies Business and Management at Aston University. Her favorite place ever is New York City. She also is a huge Kardashian/Jenner fan and has even been tweeted Happy Birthday by Khloe Kardashian!