Summer Camp in Canada Job Roles

While at camp, your main role is to be a role model for your campers as well as a representative of your home company. Summer Camp will allow you to develop your skills and there is a job for everyone at camp! There are all sorts of roles available in all sorts of activities! Discover more about our camp Canada job roles.

Camp Counselor

As a Summer Camp Counselor, you’ll be working one of the most pivotal roles at camp. Camp Counselors ensure that every camper is having the best time as well as making sure everyone is safe! Every day is a new adventure when you’re at camp. You’ll lead a group of campers around their day to day activities in addition to ensuring their well-being.

You’ll be getting involved with lots of different activities while at camp and you won’t need to have qualifications for this role. While touring around the different activities with your campers, you’ll most likely pick up a thing or two alongside your role.

While at camp, you’ll most likely be staying in the same bunk as your campers alongside your co-counselor. In the morning, you’ll escort your campers to breakfast and kick start your day from there.

Get prepared to help out with planning activities in the evening and let your creativity flow free!

Activity Specialist

If teaching is your passion, being an Activity Specialist at camp will be right up your street! Bring your skills to camp and have fun every day teaching an activity you love. From soccer to lego building, there’s an activity for everyone. Qualifications are not essential but any certifications you have will be a valuable asset to your application.

You’ll need to be able to engage the campers in your lessons as well as keep everything fun. Being an Activity Specialist means going the extra mile and ensuring every day at camp is a summer jam-packed full of fun!

You’ll also have plenty of time to get involved with all the goings-on at camp in addition to taking part in other activities.

Support Staff

Every camp has a hard-working team behind the scenes that ensures the smooth running of camp. Unlike counselors, the Support Staff don’t work with the campers directly and usually live in separate accommodation.

Being a member of the Support Staff is ideal for those who would love the summer camp experience but don’t feel like they would suit a camp counselor role. From office work to maintenance, your job at camp helps keep everything running smoothly.

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