Winter, Summer & Resort Jobs in Canada. Gap Year Heaven

Work for up to 2 years in Canada.  Enjoy the most incredible gap year opportunity, working a ski season, summer season or both.   If you want the experience, the challenge of the enjoyment of travelling alone, or in a group with friends then this is for you.

Working in Canada is life changing, both work wise and culturally.  Thousands of amazing people have the opportunity to level up their CV, gain new experiences, make new friends and to travel.  Grow on a personal and a professional level.

If you fancy hitting the slopes in Whistler, spending a gap year working bars, restaurants or wineries, try out a Canadian summer camp, or take it as it comes then this is the time for you to Sign Up.

Open up new doors.

Whatever date you wish to travel, it ticks those boxes.  Usually the winter season starts in November and the summer season in April.  We have jobs available all year round.


  • Work up to 2 years in Canada
  • Winter ski season work
  • Summer sun work available
  • Travel Solo or with Friends
  • Enjoy Canada


  • Job Opportunities provided
  • Working Holiday Visa Assistance and Guidance
  • Insurance Plan Offered
  • You need all 3 to work in Canada

We provide

  • A job of your dreams
  • Visa assistance
  • Travel insurance
  • Arrival assistance
  • Full support

Program Details

About The Visa

USA SC will assist you in applying for your IEC Working Holiday Visa in Canada.  You’ll be required to hold a job offer before you can apply for your visa.

  • You must be a citizen of the following countries:  Ireland, UK, Australia, France, New Zealand, Portugal, Chile, Austria, Costa Rica, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, San Marino, Slovenia, Taiwan
  • You must be between the ages of 18-30.
  • You must have the equivalent of CAD$2,500 to help cover initial expenses in Canada
  • You must have health insurance for the duration of your stay
  • You must have, before you depart, a round trip ticket or demonstrate you have the resources to purchase a departure ticket at the end of your stay in Canada

You’ll be able to work for up to 2 years on the work & travel visa and the process of applying will usually take 4-6 weeks.

Whats Included

Pre-Arranged Job in Canada

We have lots of amazing positions available within resorts, wineries, bars, restaurants, adventure parks and hotels in Canada’s most amazing locations.

Visa Assistance

Full assistance in applying for the IEC Working Holiday Program.

Travel Insurance

You are required to hold travel (health) insurance for the duration of your stay.  If you choose to use our plan, it will ensure you are safely covered whilst working and travelling in Canada.

Arrival Assistance

When you arrive in Canada we provide 2 nights accommodation.  It allows you to adapt to the new time zone, see the sites and arrange any Social Insurance Numbers and Bank Accounts should you need to.


We can help you, or your employer will, to find accommodation for the duration of your contract.  Employers may provide you with staff accommodation, often for a small fee.


Our full support in the home country, or whilst in Canada.  This includes getting further work whilst in Canada as well as travel discounts and emergency support.

Work Canada Program Fees

It’s FREE to sign up. And we break the total down into easy to pay instalments.

Work Canada


Up to 2 years in Canada

Work Canada


Earn $400+ a week

For more information on the Working Holiday visit the following links.


United Kingdom IEC Eligibility 

Ireland IEC Eligibility

Additional Fees

There are a few third party fees that unfortunately we are unable to cover for you. These are paid directly to the organisation and are part of the J1 visa requirements.

IEC Participation Fee

Its $156CAD for the IEC participation fee.

Work Permit Holder Fee

The work permit processing fee is $100CAD.


You need to pay a $85CAD fee when you pay your IEC participation fee.

Program Essentials


  • You must be 18-30 years of age
  • You can commit to 4-6 months
  • You have previous paid work experience
  • You meet the visa/passport requirements

How to Apply

  • Apply by clicking our simple links
  • Complete and return all the documents and complete an online profile
  • We’ll chat to you about your job needs and start date
  • Applications are accepted all year round.  Ideally apply 9-12 weeks before departure.

Our Employers

  • 4/5* Resorts
  • Bar work
  • Restaurant work
  • Wineries
  • Adventure Parks

Say YES to Adventure

Last bit of Info...

This outstanding program offers you the opportunity to leave at any point in the year. Enjoy the ultimate winter ski season in a location like Whistler. Once the snow melts, you could stay at the same resort and experience the spring and summer adventure, work at a winery, or move to a different job in a different location.
You can go to Canada in August, work at a winery, then leave to go your ski season location. We have hotels, bars, and restaurant work. There are so many opportunities all year round for you.
We want you to have fun, enjoy the experience and stay safe.

The Working Holiday Process Explained

Apply with USA Summer Camps Canada Work Program


We will get you a Job Offer with an Employee


You apply for your IEC Working Holiday “Invitation” and enter the pool


First round of invitations offered to Candidates (often March)


Second round of invitations offered to Candidates (often October)


If successful you get a year with your Point of Entry Letter to enter Canada and begin your work

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I go with Friends?

Yes of course. We welcome any type of adventurer, whether you wish to go Solo, or with friends, we would be pleased to help.

When is the application deadline?

There isn’t one!
We are accepting applications all year round. Because of the way the seasons work, we have work in June, in November, and so on.
Usually, ski seasons begin in November and typically run for 6 months, with summer seasons running the 6 months from April.

Can I get a second job?

Yeah of course. We can assist you in this, or when you’re in Canada you usually get a good feel of what’s around you and where you can work locally.

I have my own insurance, is this ok?

Yes sure. Our comprehensive insurance is there to use, should you wish to. We will vet your insurance to ensure you’re covered because we don’t want any issues while you’re in Canada. Safety is the key.

Work in Canada