Fancy yourself as a Cliffhanger? Why not spend your summer teaching climbing at summer camp in America
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Climbing Instructor at Summer Camp

Fancy yourself as a Cliffhanger? Why not spend your summer teaching climbing at summer camp in America

Climb, descend and zip all day long! If you’re adventurous and want to work as a Climbing Instructor at a summer camp in America, then step this way!
A climbing instructor’s job is all about helping children learn new skills while they have fun.
Whether you’re into climbing walls, the high ropes or low ropes, the perfect camp job is waiting for you in America.

Is teaching climbing the summer camp job for me?

If you’re into rock climbing or wall climbing then this is the perfect job for you. You’ll get paid to spend most of the day at the climbing wall, helping to instruct this to the kids.
It’s an exciting job! It’s a favourite activity for children, so it’s the perfect place to become their summer hero. You’ll be in charge of teaching campers how to climb, zip between trees 50 feet up in the air and use Tarzan Swings.
You’ll also be planning the sessions, making sure everyone has fun, and everyone stays safe. Climbing is about fun and safety and helping people overcome their fears.

Become a Climbing Instructor at Summer Camp

If you love the outdoors and have a CWAA or SPA Award, you could be in line for a great summer job. If you aren’t qualified but love the sport, we can still help you land an awesome Summer Camp job! As the campers take on the climb and get higher each time, you’ll feel really proud of them. It’s a really rewarding job, and you’ll have a great summer at camp as your camps grow.

Just because you’re on the climbing wall doesn’t mean you don’t join the rest of the fun camp has to offer. You’ll also live with the children in most cases with other camp counselors and will enjoy all the evening’s activities! You’ll spend time around the campfire tucking into s’mores and getting to know the other staff.


Want to apply to become a climbing instructor at camp?

If having the best summer of your life working in America as a Climbing Instructor sounds good to you, then apply now!
After you apply, you’ll get a call from one of our teams. Make sure you tell them all about your climbing experience! If you fancy becoming a climbing instructor, apply to us and then google your nearest climbing centre to become qualified.