Worried about travelling around America Alone?
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How to Master Travelling Alone to America

Worried about travelling around America Alone?

How to Master Travelling Alone to America

Worried about travelling alone to America?

I know how scary it can be and trust me, I was SO nervous before jetting off, but these tips and tricks will help you master travelling alone to America.

Be Ready for your Flight

Make sure you get your bag packed a few days before you’re hopping on the plane, and make sure you’ve got all the documents you need. This will save you so much stress!

If you’re heading to Summer Camp in America, make sure you double-check the guidebook we’ve added to your profile so you have everything you need.

Get to the Airport Early

If you’ve never flown from the airport you’re travelling from and you’re travelling alone to America, get there as early as possible, especially if you’re travelling from a London airport.

Have a wander around the duty-free and go and take a look at the gate you’re due to leave from.

It’ll mean you know where to go for the gate and how long it’ll take you to get there so you can sit back and enjoy a drink before you board.

Keep your Documents Hidden

Keep your passport, ID, flight documents, and your visa safe and out of sight, and all in one place!

Get a travel wallet and keep everything together in your bag so you know exactly where they are. You’ll be able to get to them quickly when you need to too!

It’d be a good idea to give your family photocopies of your documents so if there’s an emergency, they are ready to help.

Ask for Help

If you’re stressing and you really need help… ask!

The airport staff are there to help and point you in the right direction. You’re in good hands!

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