Dance Jobs This Summer

Are you...

  • 18+ by June 1st
  • Available for 9 weeks
  • Passionate about dance
  • Ready to pirouette into a summer of fun

Do you...

  • Want to teach dance in America
  • Hold any dance qualifications
  • Love busting a move

Ready to...

  • Spend a summer in America
  • Travel to NY, LA and more
  • Gain a valuable addition to your CV
  • Live life to the max


Teach Dance at Summer Camp in America

Our dance jobs are the perfect way to spend your summer!  Summer camps are looking for international dance instructors to teach and inspire a new generation of dancers. Whether you’re skilled in modern, ballet or hip hop, there’s the perfect dance role waiting for you.

In addition, you will gain valuable working experience with a range of different age groups. Furthermore, you’ll also get to challenge your choreography skills by choreographing routines for camp performances, musicals and shows.

A summer at camp is an amazing opportunity to flex your dance muscles state side and you never know what new skills or opportunities you will discover while at summer camp.

Be a Dance Instructor

You’ll get to spend 9 weeks in the dance studio at camp, developing your skills alongside your campers. As well as this, international dance experience is a great addition to any CV and you’ll have heaps of it at the end of summer!

Not only will you get to teach dance in America, but you’ll also be able to join in with all of the best activities camp has to offer. Also, on your days off you could be learning a new skill like archery, exploring the local town or even doing a day trip into the city. In addition, you can spend your evenings at camp around the camp fire, or watching a performance that YOU choreographed!

If you’re ready to get your summer on pointe, apply today!

Dance at Summer Camp

Being a dance instructor at camp will allow you to work with campers of all skills and abilities. You’ll be hosted in amazing facilities and you’ll be teaching excited campers new routines and moves all summer!


Dance instructors with qualifications can expect to earn up to $1,750 for the summer!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dance facilities like?

As with all camps, each has it’s own dance and performing arts facilities. These can be camp dependent.  You can find out more about different camps here.

You’ll have so much fun as a dance instructor, teaching routines, shows or just teaching different dance movements.

Do I need a dance qualification?

If you have a dance qualification this is brilliant. You may even have experience within dance instructing, or coaching children.

If you don’t then don’t worry, theres a job at camp for everyone.  You may have huge amounts of experience, just never taught before, so this is a great opportunity for you.

What does the job involve?

Dance jobs vary from camp to camp. You’ll be expected to lead or assist different genres of dance.  But the main thing within the job is having fun, being enthusiastic and happy.

There will be several periods in the day where different groups will come to the dance area. Each will be expected to learn movements, pick up routines or practice performances for the shows. You’ll be expected to lead, teach or assist with these.

Will I get chance to take part in other activities?

Yes. Being in the dance team doesn’t exclude you from all the other amazing areas of camp.  You’ll be able to join in shows, performances and lead team games like camp olympics or color wars!  You’ll be an integral part of camp and will probably share a bunk with a group of campers.

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