If you love Horses and Horse Riding, this is the perfect summer job for you!
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Horse Riding Instructor at Summer Camp

If you love Horses and Horse Riding, this is the perfect summer job for you!

Spend your day on the Camp Ranch!

Working as a Horse Riding Instructor at Summer Camp is one of the most enjoyable jobs on offer.

If you’re a lover of horses, and fancy spending the summer being paid to teach campers how to ride in the sun, then this could be the perfect role for you.

You’ll need to be an experienced rider, and any experience teaching children will put you in a great position to be hired by a camp. If you have experience Western Riding, then again camps will love your skills!

If you love horse riding but aren’t experienced in leading sessions, then you could still be hired as a Camp Counselor to help run sessions alongside an experienced instructor.

What’s my day like?

Just because you’re in America, the horses need the same levels of care. So your morning routine will involve feeding the horses and making sure they have a drink.

Sessions at camp will be as simple or as complex as the camp decides, depending on a campers’ abilities.  Camps facilities are incredible so there will be plenty of exercises daily for the horses, and of course for you!

Horses will need mucking out as part of your routine.

Because you’re at camp, you will have access to everything else there is to offer. You get plenty of rest periods and of course are vital to the evening activities.  You’ll live with the children and fellow camp counselors in cabins/housing and mix with everyone else at camp.

Become a Horse Riding Instructor with USA Summer Camp

If having the best summer of your life teaching campers how to ride sounds good to you, apply now!

Outdoors, in the sun, in America, making loads of friends, teaching your favourite activity, looking after beautiful horses, then travelling after….so don’t hold your horses, get a move on and apply now!