Need Help Filing Your Tax Return?
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How to File For a Tax Return

Need Help Filing Your Tax Return?

Tax Return

If you have worked over in America on the J1-program, you’re legally obliged to file a tax return for the year. This is a new law that came in as of 2018 and something every Camp Counselor has to complete after their summer in America.

To file your US tax return, you’ll need your W-2 form. This is a summary of the wages and tax you paid during the summer. If you have not yet received your W-2 form, make sure to contact your camp.

To get the process started, we recommend It is a US tax software specifically for US non-residents and designed to help J1 participants ensure they file a correct US tax return as part of your Visa obligations.

How to Get Started

Sprintax provides a simple and easy tax return. To get started, you need to:


To be able to complete the information required by Sprintax, you will need:


Sprintax will provide you instructions, forms and the correct address to which you would need to send your tax return. If you need to prepare a State Tax return, Spintax can help with that too! Still got questions? Give the office a call or use the live chat function on Sprintax to get help from their customer service team.

Does Everyone Need to File a Tax Return?

Yes! Even if you didn’t pay any tax, it is still a legal requirement to file a tax declaration.