J1 Jobs in America. Your Summer. Your J1.

So why work a J1?

Why do us Irish want to work a J1?

First of all it’s the best way to spend your summer, get a chance to travel and make new friends.

Second of all, for students it’s the chance to do something incredible with their summers, something a little different instead of returning home from their studies for the summer.

And thirdly, well its a great craic. Isn’t it!

What's a J1?

A J1 is a type of visa that allows you to work in America.  There are different types, but we work with a Camp Counsellor J1 Visa and a Summer Work and Travel J1 Visa.

Both are incredible summers. Both are a way or working abroad for the summer and both are a summer of laughs.

Put this experience on your CV.  It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that you can even do more than once!

J1 Camp

The Ultimate J1 Experience.

Work 8-9 weeks in America at one of Americas famous summer camps. Make new friends, a barrel of laughs, teaching and coaching children for the summer.

You’ll have a J1 job at camp before you travel, you’ll get paid, accommodation is free on site. Food and drink provided.

You just have to have the fun!

J1 Jobs?

Our J1 Work and Travel program.

Work in restaurants, bars, shops, cafes and so on.  You get paid by the hour, and the amount you work is up to you and your boss.

It’s an incredible J1 Summer, but you have more items to organise like job and accommodation.

Go by yourself or as a group.

Work a J1 in America

A Summer Camp J1

Your unforgettable summer doesn’t have to break the bank. For the price of a return flight, you get a WHOLE summer at camp! That’s your summer camp placement, food and accommodation. Alongside this, your medical insurance is also covered, your J1 visa sponsorship and 24-hour support while at camp.

With two flexible flight options, your summer can start for as little as €449. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay it all at once! Secure your summer for just €49 and pay the rest in monthly instalments.

Work an amazing J1 in America?