Take your inner Roger Federer or Serena Williams to America!
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Tennis Coach

Take your inner Roger Federer or Serena Williams to America!

Coach Tennis in America this summer?

If you fancy spending the summer out on court working as a Tennis Coach at Summer Camp, then we have the perfect role for you!

Tennis is big at camp, and most camps in America will run a tennis coaching program of some kind.

While some camps will have a focus on campers enjoying the game, some are specialist coaching camps that aim to help campers take steps towards the competitive game.

If you have Tennis in your blood, are LTA qualified or even just have experience at your local club then you’re perfect to teach at camp.  You’ll be asked to lead sessions, in both informative tuition and leading fun games for the children.

What are the facilities like at camp?

Aside from camp being bigger and better than any sports centre you’ve been to, there is no expense spared when it comes to the Tennis courts.  Of course, each camp is different but there is quite often more than 3 tennis courts at camp.  Some camps host pre-camp or post-camp Tennis Academies which is pretty awesome as well.

Sounds Ace?

Serve up your dream summer with a smashing time coaching Tennis.  See what we did there?!