Be everyones favourite person all summer Snapping away!
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Video & Photography

Be everyones favourite person all summer Snapping away!

Be the most popular person at camp!

Not everyone LOVES having their photo taken, but at camp they do! The kids love being snapped and papped, so you’ll end up being a firm favourite amongst the children as they jostle to get their photo or video taken.

So if you have a passion for videography or photography and want to spend the summer working behind the lens, you’re gonna love this role.

The audio and visual departments at Summer Camps in America are getting bigger and bigger every summer, and this is an amazing opportunity to have the summer of your life.

What would I need to do?

If you’re studying Video or Photography at University or have a personal passion or hobby for this, then camp will love your application.

Of course, they often want editing skills or the ability to upload the photos so parents, campers and staff can enjoy the days snaps.

Each camp is different and has different ideas for this department. Camp will assist you and let you know what kind of photos or footage they are looking for. They will love new ideas, new outlooks and new visions that helps bring camp to life.

What age do I need to be?

The only request is being over 18 years old!  Every position is based on experience and ability. With over 500 camps all having a photo and video departments, there’s a job for you!

Don’t worry if you don’t have any qualifications though, if you have the passion and the skills, Summer Camp could be a great place to build a portfolio.