Create some waves at camp!
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Windsurfing & Water Ski

Create some waves at camp!

Fancy Working as a Windsurfing or Water Ski Instructor at Summer Camp?

Almost every Summer Camp in America is based on a beautiful, clear lake and that means you’ll have the chance to spend a lot of time out on the waves.

You could work in an office job in England or in a cafe in Ireland OR you could work on a lake soaking up the sun in America.

It’s a no brainer! And USA Summer Camp will help you get there and out on the water.

What’s involved?

Every day at camp is a little different, and that’s part of the excitement!

This is an area of camp the kids just love. Teach your water skills to the children and see the enjoyment they get out of succeeding, standing up on the board or ski’s and then maybe even pulling off a few moves!

You’ll take different groups of children through the day, make sure everyone’s safe and wearing a life vest, then taking them out onto the lake for their session.

What Qualifications does a Windsurfing or Water Ski Instructor at Summer Camp Need?

As fun as windsurfing and water skiing are, camps want to make sure they have the right people running windsurfing, wakeboarding and water skiing sessions.

If you have any qualifications or experience in the area or if you have a lifeguard qualification, then you might just be in pretty high demand!

Having a Level 2 or above qualification from the Royal Yacht Association would put you in a great position, or even just experience in your spare time.


It’s an unbelievable way to spend the summer, in the outdoors, on the lake, in America.