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Not for Profit Summer Camps Operate Across America
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Not for Profit Summer Camp

Not for Profit Summer Camps Operate Across America

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What’s a Not for Profit Summer Camp?

A Not for Profit Summer Camp offers the camp experience to campers regardless of their financial circumstances.

They’re great places for the campers to have fun, make new friends, and take part in camp activities.

The camps are usually tight-knit communities with local families heavily involved in helping camp run.

The sense of community spirit will be clear as soon as you arrive!

Typical Day at a Not for Profit Summer Camp

The camps offer a massive range of traditional camp activities that the campers can take part in.

There’s everything from archery, climbing ropes, performing arts and much, much more!

The activities will run throughout the day and in the evening, the whole camp usually comes together for a camp fire.

There will be camp songs, traditional camp food, and lots of silly games to take part in.

Get a Job at Summer Camp

A job at Summer Camp is the very best way to spend a summer. You’ll be paid to have fun!

Working at camp is also really rewarding because you’ll be having a massive impact on the camper’s lives.

You’re at camp to help run different activities and make sure the campers are having the best time!

Not for Profit camps hire Camp Counselors, Specialist Counselors, and Support Staff.

Apply for Summer Camp

If you fancy having the best summer of your life, then it’s time to apply for Summer Camp.