Returning to Camp

Can I Return to a different camp?

If you want to head back to America, but you want to work at a different Summer Camp than you’ve worked at before, then we should be able to help!

We need a completed Camp Reference form from the camp you worked at before, which you can download from your USA Summer Camp profile. Send it over to your previous Camp Director and then uploaded the completed form.

If all looks good on your Camp Reference, we’ll be able to help send you to work at a new camp.

How much are Returners paid?

Returners negotiate their own wages directly with the camp they’re working at.

Camp are paying my fees. What’s the process for this?

That’s great news! All we need to see is confirmation from your camp that they’re happy to pay your fees for you – get them to drop the office an email.

As soon as we’ve verified camp’s confirmation, they’ll be able to pay your fees with our US office. More information about Returner fees is available on our Returner Pricing page.

Who books my flights?

As a Returner, you’ll need to book your own flights to camp. Remember, you need to book return flights and not just a flight into the US.

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