Spend & Receive Currencies Simpler!

Pay and Get Paid in 30+ Countries  

Revolut is the perfect card to start your travel adventures. Get paid your wages from camp with this easy to use card, it set’s you up with bank accounts in over 30 countries.

You can send and receive money from family and friends or spilt bills on your days off in the Big city, all with one click.

Travel made simple with Revolut.

Benefits in your back pocket!

Travel the world with Revolut perks in your pocket. Not only are there a variety of perks when you use your Revolut card, but there’s a plan to suit every individual.

Rewards with Revolut

Share your @Revtag for easy social payments

Choose your unique username and generate a shareable URL to collect money from friends, family or anyone else, privately and securely.

No bank details required.

Get rewards as you spend.

Rewards with Revolut

Exchange with no hidden fees

Discover tools to help you manage exchanges anytime.

Get pricing transparency before you hit go.

Cancel unwanted subscriptions.

Get lounge passes for less.

Get paid your Wages & More Benefits

Your very own bank details are pre-arranged so you can be paid your wages onto the Revolut card.

Earn Cashback and rewards from Top Brands.

Put savings aside effortlessly.

It’s so simple it’d be silly not to!

Travel the Revolut way