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Sail, Drive Boats and tow along Waterskiiers and Wakerboarders!
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Sailing & Motorboat Driver Jobs

Sail, Drive Boats and tow along Waterskiiers and Wakerboarders!

What does the Job Involve?

Almost every Summer Camp in America that we work with is based on a stunning, clear lake or by the sea. Watersports are a big focal point of camp life.

If you fancy the idea of spending an entire summer out on the water, then becoming a Sailing and Motorboat Driver could be the perfect role for you.

Whether you’ve crewed large boats or you’ve sailed lasers on a small lake, we’d love to talk to you!

You’ll be a popular person at camp as with Motorboat driving will involve driving the Waterskiiers and Wakeboarders around the lake.

This is a pretty cool summer job.

What’s a Typical Day Like for a Sailing and Motorboat Driver at Summer Camp?

Every day at camp is a little different from the one before, and that’s part of the excitement of life at camp.

A typical day for a Sailing and Motorboat Driver at Summer Camp will be spent helping to run the waterskiing and wakeboarding programs and helping lifeguards keep everyone safe.

Camp’s not all work though – and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to get stuck into all the fun camp has to offer. But, by being by the water every day, you can basically guarantee an awesome summer tan (and even better tan lines!).

What Qualifications do Sailing and Motorboat Drivers Need?

Any qualifications in Sailing or Motorboat Driving will be a big plus, and they’ll mean camps will be more keen to get you on board!

Sailing or Powerboat Level 1 qualifications, or higher, will be great, but if you’ve got plenty of experience but no qualifications, then camps could still hire you.


9 weeks, in America, driving boats or sailing around the lake, having loads of fun.  Is this the dream summer job?