A Typical Day at Summer Camp

Laugh and play all day long.  You can expect fun and adventure at an America summer camp.

Here is a typical day at an overnight camp, full of activity sessions, rest and of course some food!

There are also sessions like Color Wars, Camp Olympics and Camp Breakout.  It’s too good to miss!

07:30 am – Wake Up
Rise and shine, because it’s time to get your campers ready for the day! If your camp’s old school, a bell or a camp bugle might get your day underway.

08:00 am – Flag Raising

Every morning, the whole camp will get together around the flagpole for the Pledge of Allegiance. Cabins take it in turns to raise the flag, and it’ll be your turn soon!

08:15 am – Breakfast Time

Eat up, because you’ll need the fuel for the fun-packed day ahead. Food varies from camp to camp, but there’s usually cereal, hot food, fruit and veggie options all on offer.

09:00 am – Cabin Clean-up

After breakfast, a typical day at Summer Camp will see you head back to your cabin to clean up. The cleanest cabins usually win a prize each week, so the children take it pretty seriously!

09:30 am – Morning Activities

There are normally four or five different activity periods in a day. There are lots of activities to choose from like sailing, horse riding, basketball and crafting. You’ll get stuck into lots of different things, so it’s a great chance to build your skills.

12:00 pm – Lunch

Meals at camp are pretty special. Singing, chanting and announcements are a key part of lunchtime. You’ll soon forget what it’s like to have food in any other way!

1:00 pm – Rest Period

American summers can get pretty hot – 35 degrees at some camps – so the day’s rest period is a good chance to get out of the sun and grab some downtime.

1:45 pm – Afternoon Activities

After a quick rest up, campers get stuck into another set of activities. Water skiing, movie making, dance sessions and archery might be on the list.

4:30 pm – Free Time

Whether you hit the lake for a swim, shoot some hoops or get in some practice for the evening’s entertainment, the free time is yours. A typical day at Summer Camp is pretty hectic, so downtime is always needed!

6:00 pm – Dinner Time

From American classics like corn dogs, sliders and Philly cheesesteaks, to spaghetti and pizza night, there’s always something delicious on the menu. Hungry yet?

7:30 pm – After Dinner Activities

Lots of camps run special theme weeks. Wild Wild West, Aliens and Cowboys, Mario Kart, Harry Potter or even Superhero themed activities might be on offer. Other Evening Activities might include a talent show, capture the flag or silent discos!

9:30 pm – Lights Out

Lights out is staggered depending on how old the children are. After lights out, you might be on duty to stay in the cabin or it might be your night off. Always make sure you get some shut-eye so you’re rested up for tomorrow’s activities.

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