Come and teach the beautiful game in America, all day, every day during Summer!
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Football Coaching Abroad In America

Come and teach the beautiful game in America, all day, every day during Summer!

Teach Football Abroad at a Summer Camp in America!

First of all, it’s time to ditch the term “football” because Americans have renamed it “Soccer”! So if you’re a bit of a soccer coach then teaching it at a summer camp in America is perfect for you.

If you have an FA level 1/2 or above qualification then you can lead this activity and help come up with sessions and plans for the campers.

If you aren’t qualified but like the rest of us, think you’re pretty darn good at football, then there’s the chance to teach this at camp.

What’s the Standard of Football Like?

Camp has different abilities, different ages and different genders and each have different capabilities. Your job is to teach fun sessions, and help people improve.

Yes, there are football coaching jobs out there that involve soccer, soccer, soccer.  But, the best thing about camp is that not only do you get to teach football, you can also enjoy the climbing, some water sports, a game of basketball as well as performing skits on the evening.

There’s even the chance in the summer to let the kids watch you in the inaugural Britain v Rest of the World Soccer match.  Be a hero and have your name chanted by the kids!

Do I Need a Qualification?

Whether you’ve played the game at an amateur level or earned your coaching badges, there’s a job for you at camp.

If you have your FA Level 2 coaching qualifications, you could be hired as a Specialist Football Camp Counselor.

Don’t worry if you don’t though, because you can still land an awesome job helping to deliver football at camp.  Anyone helping deliver football sessions will be working alongside experienced coaches, so you’ll grow your skills too!


Apply to Teach Football Abroad with USA Summer Camp!

If you want to spend the summer coaching football in America, then apply for Summer Camp.

You’ll be paid to have fun, and it really will be the best summer of your life!