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High End Summer Camps Specialising in Certain Areas!
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Specialist Summer Camp

High End Summer Camps Specialising in Certain Areas!

What’s a Specialist Summer Camp?

A Specialist Summer Camp focuses their activities around a particular activity.

For example we have Specialist Performing Arts camps which focus on exceptional Acting, Music and Performing.  Or a Football Camp will spend most of the day teaching and coaching football.

Campers go to the camp at the top of their game and usually perform incredible shows in front of audiences.

A specialist camp offers the best of both worlds: a traditional camp experience with the focus on your favourite hobby.

There are the usual activities at camp, like water sports, soccer and basketball.  But the focus is on your main area.

Use your skills all day!

Every day at camp is different, but a typical day will be full of fun activity sessions.

At a specialist camp, structured activities or sports are led to push campers abilities.

The campers will come together on a regular basis for performances, competitions, and games too!

Camp’s not all work though! You’ll have plenty of time to have fun and enjoy being around a camp fire.

Work at a Specialist Camp

Working at a Specialist Summer Camp is a great way to spend a summer if you want to coach a specific area, or if you have qualifications and expertise.

While you get to help the campers improve their skills, you’ll be improving yours too. Win, win!

You don’t need to be fully qualified to work at a specialist camp. Camps need people of all qualification levels.

Whether you want to work as a Camp Counselor, Activity Leader, or as Support Staff, you can!

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