£50 Discount For ALL Students

Student Summer Camp Jobs!

With your Summers free from College/University you’ll be looking at what to do, or what jobs to get.

We think summer camp is a productive way to earn some extra cash, use the opportunity to travel, to make new friends and gain invaluable work experience during your summer break.  It’s a great way to enhance your CV and gain some valuable life skills, living and working away from home in a different country.

While working at summer camp isn’t exclusive for students, the best time to go to camp is often during or just after University.  Student summer camp jobs go hand-in-hand with the long summer break.

Your summer job, SORTED, at a camp exploring the United States or Canada!

Why Camp?

As one of the best student summer camp jobs, at USA Summer Camp you’ll gain work experience abroad the safe way. All of the 700+ camps we work with are certified and inspected every year. This ensures they’re all the very best for our participants as well the campers. Your food and accommodation are provided while you’re at camp, making it really hassle free. We can also even book your flights for you to ensure you get from A to B and back again, with no hassle.

Why Students?

Camp typically lasts from 9 to 12 weeks. This means camp needs a full and complete team available all summer long. As a student, you often have the freedom of a long summer break. This gives you plenty of extra time for earning some cash. Getting a job isnt always easy, and often its always indoors where you don’t get to enjoy the sunny summer! Summer camp allows you the exciting opportunity of earning money while getting to explore all the exciting activities camp has to offer.

Why Me?

As a student, you’re not only thinking of making the most of your time while studying but also what happens next. The job market is competitive and getting that extra edge on your CV can make a HUGE difference to employers. With plenty of leadership opportunities, working with children as well as the chance to live in another country, you’re sure to gain amazing skills to add to your CV. Camp is not only a great time to improve on what you’re already good at but also learn and develop along the way!


Your Summer for Less!

Your unforgettable summer doesn’t have to break the bank. For the price of a return flight, you get a WHOLE summer at camp! That’s your summer camp placement, food and accommodation. Alongside this, your medical insurance is also covered, your J1 visa sponsorship and 24-hour support while at camp.

With two flexible flight options, your summer can start for as little as £399. Don’t worry, you don’t have to pay it all at once! Secure your summer for just £49 and pay the rest in monthly instalments.

Are you ready for the
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