Urm, it's a no brainer! Spend the whole summer in America!
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Why USA Summer Camp?

Urm, it's a no brainer! Spend the whole summer in America!

Firstly, why us?

We’re the Summer Camp in America Experts.  The Summer Camp Leaders in the Industry and we’re also super friendly and approachable!

We’ve got two amazing priced packages to offer you which means you can choose if you’d like us to book your international flight or if you’d like to book your flights yourself. We give you the ultimate flexibility, whereas other companies will only offer you one package.

We have two offices based in Birmingham city centre as well as Maynooth, so if you’re local come and see us for more information. We can provide you with an amazing job at a camp in America or even a camp in Canada. Whatever you need, we’ve got it!


What’s special about USA Summer Camp?

By giving you the option of booking your own flights, you can avoid things like flight surcharges. You’re in total control of finding the cheapest and most convenient travel option for you. We pay the highest salary than the majority of other agencies.

You’ll meet amazing people who’ll become lifelong friends. Create memories that’ll last forever and friends from all over the world. Working at a Summer Camp in America looks great on your CV. Learn lifelong skills, enhance your coaching or teaching and increase your future employment prospects.

Summer Camp in America becomes your second home. Once you go for the first time, you get completely hooked! We offer an incredible returner package so you can return again and again to camp!


Do I need to be a student?

No! To be eligible for the program, you just need to be 18 years old by June 1st. Summer Camp isn’t just for students and everyone is welcome to apply.

If you wish to apply for a Support Staff role at camp, then yes, you do need to be in full-time education.


100% guaranteed Summer Camp placement

We absolutely guarantee you a place to work at Summer Camp in America – not every company can boast that!

We work with our team in America to guarantee a placement for every applicant. Ensuring all your paperwork is submitted on time and your profile is up to scratch you will be placed. You’ll know which camp you will be working at, where you will be located and everything else you need before you leave home.


The highest Summer Camp Salaries

Not only can we guarantee you a Summer Camp placement, but we also offer the highest salary for camp staff across all age ranges.

This means you’ll have extra money to spend when you travel around America or for when you return home. Either way, it beats staying at home in a boring job!

Give us a call, or drop us an email.  We’d happily let you know what you’ll earn compared to other agencies! You can also check out our salary comparison over on our pricing page.


700+ Summer Camps

We work with more than 700 of the best Summer Camps in America.

The camps we work with are based all over the country and they’re all looking for staff to join them for the summer.

There’s a job at Summer Camp for everyone.  From Private Camps, Day Camps, Girl Scout Camps, Special Needs Camps and Religious Camps – the right placement for you is just an application away.


Flexible flight options

As previously mentioned we have two flexible flight options to get you out to camp. You can pick to have us do the hard work for you and go with our Flights Included package or choose to book your own.

We believe the flexibility to plan your own summer to suit you is important!


Our Summer Camp Job Fairs

Here at USA Summer Camp, we run AMAZING Job Fairs where you can meet real Camp Directors face to face. Secure your summer job abroad on the spot and take the next step on your Summer Camp journey to America.

Join us at our Job Fair in November or attend our huge annual fairs in London, Leeds, Edinburgh and Dublin in January!

We’ll also have Private / Skype Fairs to get you interviews with camps!


Food and accommodation included

You don’t need to worry about paying for food and accommodation while you’re at camp, because it’s all included within your package!


Travel America this summer!

Once Summer Camp is over, you’ll have up to 30 days to explore America as part of your visa before you need to fly home.

If exploring New York, photographing Niagara Falls, or partying in LA is on your wishlist, now’s your chance!

Make friends with your new American camp friends, spend time in their home town or college!  Let them show you around a major city like Chicago or Las Vegas, or be super cultural and head to Yosemite National Park.  The choice is yours.


The Best around

We pride ourselves in the customer service we provide.  Our job is to assist you every step of the way including while you’re in America!

Get all of the support and help you need with our friendly camp experts. Our staff can’t wait to help you!

No gimmicks and no tricks.