Summer Camp Job Fairs

Get Hired On the Spot


  • Manchester
  • Manchester Emirates Old Trafford (Cricket Ground)


  • Saturday 27th January
  • 10am
  • (arrive early!)


  • Get Hired on the Spot
  • Meet Camp Directors
  • Get your Dream Job

Come along. Sort your Summer.

Tips and Cheats

You can attend our Summer Camp Job Fairs if you’re fully signed up to USA Summer Camp or not.   But in order to speak to the camps and get your job we will take your £49 deposit.  You can do this before you arrive by calling the office or logging onto your profile.   Alternatively, you can always arrive on the day and pay with one of our helpful USA Summer Camp team members.

If you haven’t started your application just yet, you can find out more about the application process here.

Bring a few printed copies of your application to pass to the different Camps. However, if you don’t have this it’s not a dealbreaker. You will still be able to interview with camps.

  • A printed copy of your application – you can find this on your online account. If you are having trouble, contact the office and we’ll be able to help you out
  • If you have a skill you would like to show off, bring any necessary equipment! This could be your art portfolio, any videos you have (you might want to bring a laptop/tablet) or a prop such as juggling balls!
  • A bottle of water is always useful! Make sure to stay hydrated on the day as you will most likely be doing a lot of talking

And of course the top tip is to come early.  We often have a queue (line for your American lingo) so the nearer the front of the queue you are the faster you’ll get to speak to camps!

And of course while you may um and arr about a particular camp that offers you a job, often this is the camp for you! Accept your job and enjoy your new summer home, rather than speaking to more camps and confusing yourself as to which suits you most!

What to Expect at our Job Fairs

At our USA Summer Camp Job Fairs, you can expect to meet and talk to Camp Directors. There may even be Camp Staff with them who you will be able to ask more questions about what the Summer Camp experience is like at their camp! You’ll be able to interview with Camps and discuss why you would be a great fit at their camp.

Our USA Summer Camp team will be available on the day as well to talk you through the experience and in addition, answer any questions you have about your application.

There’ll be a whole host of amazing camps from American and Canada available to talk to on the day which means you could be walking out with your dream summer job!

What Camps will be There?

Register your interest and we will update you with more info including camps that are attending.

We try to make sure there is a great mix of camps, so we’ll have camps from America and Canada, we’ll have traditional, private, YMCA, Special Needs Camps and more.  So whatever your preference of camp is, theres a job for you.

The Camps!

Frequently Asked Questions

What time should I get there?

The fair is from 10am.   We recommend coming around 9.30, relax, queue up and get a drink.

Get in the room nice and early and meet your dream camps.

What should I wear?

Be yourself.  Camps are hiring you, not your outfit!

Be smart, casual but mostly be yourself!  Show yourself off, Americans are super confident and we in the UK tend to be more reserved, but this is a job interview so we want you to “show off”!

Can I come with friends?

Of course.

This is a great chance for you to showcase both of you, or more, to the same camps! Or find your own camp, where you can enjoy an individual experience.

Should I bring anything with me?

No not at all.

If you have a skill, a passion that you want to show off, bring it with you, pictures of your work, or video’s of what you can do, so you can show them to camps!

Can I take part in the other activities at camp?

Yes, everyone at camp has different passions and hobbies.  The amazing thing with our summer camps in America is that there are free periods for you to rest, practice your 3 point skills, play ultimate frisbee and more! There is chance to use the lake, go down the slides and take part in songs and cheers.  You’re very much a key member at camp.

Can parents come?

Yes, of course.

However they can come but they can’t come in the room.  After all this is about you, its your camp, your summer, so your parents can grab a coffee or a drink and relax while you sort out your summer!

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