Summer Camp Jobs

A Summer Camp job is a life changing experience. You’ll have the most fun you’ve ever had and want to head back every summer! Spend your summer doing amazing activities and experiences all day every day. Even better, you get to spend it in the sun!

We have thousands of summer camp jobs available across 700 amazing camps. There are three main roles to choose from:

Camp Counselor

Camp counselors are essential for the day to day running of camp. You’ll be your campers guardian for the summer and lead them through their daily activities.

Specialist Counselors

Specialist counselor roles are ideal for those looking to teach in a specific area like tennis, soccer or horse-riding. Perfect if you have a qualification or coaching badge.


Camps behind the scenes heroes, you’ll make everything run smoothly during the summer in jobs like office work & maintenance.

Not Your Average Summer Job!

Each role is an incredible opportunity and each role is integral to the day  to  day running of the camp.

As well as working in your favourite areas at camp, there is plenty of free time in the days to rest,  shoot some hoops or maybe even have a swim in the lake. On your days off you’ll even be able to head off camp and explore.

Camp is always looking to introduce new activities, alongside favourites like football and swimming. With a summer camp job, you might even have the opportunity to introduce the campers to unique sports like hurling, cricket or rugby!

Are You Eligible For A Summer Camp Job?

To work as a Camp Counselor or a Specialist/Advanced Skill Counselor, you’ll need to be 18 years old or older when camp starts.   There are no restrictions on being in full-time education.

To work as a Support Staff you are required to be in full-time education.

Are you ready for the
ultimate summer job?