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Looking to Return to Summer Camp in America?
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Want to Return to Summer Camp?

Looking to Return to Summer Camp in America?

Want to Return to Summer Camp?

Do you want to return to Summer Camp? If you’re looking for another incredible summer, step this way!

The campers will be looking forward to seeing you again, and so will the other Counselors.

When you arrive back at camp, it won’t feel like two minutes since you were last there!

All the fun and excitement of a summer at camp will be waiting for round two…

Is Returning to Camp Different?

As a Returner, you’ll get lots of benefits, like lower application fees and the potential to earn more in wages.

Just like First Timers though, you’ll still get medical insurance and full support for getting your visa.

Returners usually get paid more than First Time Counselors and take on a bit of extra responsibility too.

When it comes to flights, we leave that part of the process to you, so you have control over the price.

There’s more information about returning to camp on our Returners FAQ page.

What’s the Process of Returning to Camp?

Returning to Summer Camp is quick and easy. That means you’ll be back at your second home in no time!

All you need to do is create a USA Summer Camp application and fill in your details.

While you do that, have a chat with your camp and the Camp Director to check they can renew your contract.

To fully secure your place so you can return to Summer Camp, you’ll need to pay a £99 deposit on your profile.

One of the USA Summer Camp team will then give you a call to have a chat through the process.