Horse Riding Instructor Jobs

Are you...

  • 18+ by June 1st
  • Available for 9 weeks
  • Crazy about horses
  • Able to ride and muck out

Do you...

  • Want to teach horse riding
  • Have experience with horses & stables
  • Want to work with horses all summer

Ready to...

  • Spend your summer in America
  • Travel to places like NY, LA and more
  • Gain a valuable addition to your CV


Spend your days on the Camp Ranch

Working as a horse riding instructor at Summer Camp is the best job on earth for anyone who loves horses!   This is your chance to work every day at the stables at camp, riding and instructing the children at summer camp.

There are different roles available with differing ability levels.   If you have experience teaching riding, or hold a BHS Stage 1/2 award then you could qualify as a specialist, or advanced position helping to lead the activities or even plan out sessions.  If you love horse riding but aren’t experienced in leading sessions, then you could still be hired as a Camp Counselor to help run sessions alongside an experienced instructor.

This is an amazing chance to teach horse riding abroad.  Camps are always looking for passionate people and able riders to work at their camp.  The facilities are incredible and its an unbelievable way to spend your summer.

Saddle Up for a Summer of Adventure!

Spend 9 weeks at with a horse riding job at summer camp.  Working abroad at a ranch is great experience to add to your CV, you’ll make new friends from all over the world and have the opportunity to explore and experience America!

A typical day consists of all the usual stable work you’re used to. The brilliant part is that you’ll also have access to everything else there is to offer while at camp including rest periods.  You’ll still have chance to join into evening activities, skits and performances, as well as be able to use to lake, go down the slides, jet ski,  take part in volleyball, wall climbing and any one of the hundred activities going on at camp.

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Horse Riding at Camp

Sessions at camp will be as simple or as complex as the camp decides, depending on the campers abilities.  The facilities for horses are always incredible so there will be plenty of exercises daily for the horses and of course for you!


Horse riding instructors with bonus qualifications such as a Pony club C+ award or a BHS (British horse society) Stage 2 award can earn a minimum of $2,000 for the summer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Horse Riding Qualifications?

No you don’t.  If you have a passion for horses and are capable of working at the horse riding/equestrian centre then there’s a great job at camp for you. You’d need to be capable of pitching in and mucking out, saddling up and all the common day to day activities you’d expect to do.

I already hold a qualification, is this ok?

Yes.  If you hold a Pony Club, BHS Award or any other qualification, you’d be incredible at camp. You clearly have the passion thats needed to work with horses, and the skills to be an instructor and teach the children. You’d be a star!

What does the job involve?

Every camp is different but horse riding at summer camp is for the children to enjoy, and all will be different ages and levels of ability. So some sessions will be walking first time campers on the horses, some sessions will be trotting and others will involve jumps.

Working on the equestrian centre means you’re an integral part of camp, so you’ll have all the fun that someone who works at sport, or on the water front enjoys!

Will I get chance to take part in other activities?

Yes. Even though you’re job role is in horse riding, you’ll have an active part in camp.  There are many breaks in the day, join in with evening activities and skits and be a valuable team member in colour wars!

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