Summer Camp Support Staff!

Every camp needs a team of hard-working summer camp support staff working behind the scenes! You’ll be seen as camps “behind the scenes hero”, making sure the camp runs smoothly and everyone has the best summer experience possible.


Experience a different way of life in one of our 700 camps this summer.

With a camp located in every state, you could be living in New York, Texas, California or even Arizona. Your days off can be spent exploring the local area or even taking a trip into the city!

At the end of camp, you have four weeks to travel and explore across America.


While working at summer camp, your food and accommodation are all covered.

Support staff can earn a minimum of $1,300 for their time at camp.

Salaries are dependent on your age, flight options as well as which role you are hired for.

To discover more about salaries you can find out more here.


All of your accommodation, food and drink is covered while you are working at camp. This means you will have no outgoings during your stay.

Support staff typically bunk with fellow support staff in separate cabins from the campers as you will operate on a separate schedule.


Support Staff Jobs at Camp

USA Summer Camp has hundreds of amazing support staff roles available at summer camp.  You can work in the summer camp office helping to run camp, within the maintenance department helping to make sure camp looks incredible or helping out with the housekeeping and laundry. There’s an important job for you at camp.

A lot goes into making the summer run as smooth as it can and support staff are essential for both campers and camp counselors.  You help make camp tick!

As support staff, you’ll have a more behind the scenes role which is ideal if you don’t think you would suit a Camp Counselor role.

A Typical Day at Summer Camp

A typical day at camp will depend on the type of support job you’re employed in. Whatever your job, you’ll be given full training when you arrive at camp so you’ll get to know the ropes quickly.

Unlike Counselors, you won’t be working with the campers directly, but you’ll still be working around them. Support staff typically get more downtime during the day than counselors and usually live in separate accommodation.

Being the backbone of camp means that support staff often make a higher salary which means more money for travelling!

Make a Difference this Summer

If you’re ready to step outside your comfort zone this summer, summer camps are looking for people like you. Learn new skills, meet new friends from all over the world and travel across America this summer! Get started with your application today for a summer you’ll never forget!


To be eligible for a support staff role you’ll need to be in full-time education. This is a J1 visa requirement and you will need proof of your student status for your application. For those not in education, you are still eligible to be a camp counselor or activity leader.

You’ll also need to be 18 from the 1st of June with a minimum 9 weeks of availability.

J1 Visa

In order for you to work at a summer camp in America, you’ll need a J-1 visa. We’ve partnered with a J-1 Visa sponsor designated by the US Department of State to provide applicants with the required paperwork. Find out more information on obtaining your J-1 visa here.

Once you finish work at the camp, you get to stay in the USA for an extra 30 days, which you can use for travelling, shopping or events.

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