Specialist Summer Camp Counselor!

Specialist Summer Camp Counselors, or Advanced Skills Counselors are the further heartbeat of camp.  These are the superstars who teach their favourite sport, hobby or activity to the children.  With over 100 different Camp Activities, you can teach your top skill to the children.


Spend your summer in America at one of our 700 camps.

Our incredible camps are located all across the USA, in amazing places with unbelievable facilities.  Spend your summer working in places like New York,  LA, Texas or Maryland.

You’ll have four weeks after camp to travel and experiencing a new and exciting places this summer!


Specialist summer camp counselors are often qualified in an activity, or have experience teaching it.

Skill specialists have the potential to earn more for their summer. Elite Skills participants can earn up to $2,400 for their summer.

Salaries are dependent on your age, flight option and experience. Discover more about salaries and flight options here.


Accommodation, food and drinks are free at summer camp, so fill your boots!

You’ll either be staying in on-site cabins where you will bunk with your campers and with your co-counselors. Alternatively, sometimes activity leaders live in separate cabins away from the campers.

Most camps operate traditional wood cabins, giving you the ultimate summer camp feel.


Activity Leader jobs at camp

As a specialist summer camp counselor, you will be an essential part of providing fun and exciting activities to campers. Your role will be an activity leader for a particular area you have experience in.  Specialist summer camp counselor roles are perfect for those who have any additional qualifications or a lot of experience in a particular field.

Be a leader this summer

Specialist summer camp counselors have a really important role at camp as you’ll be expected to lead or assist in running an area at camp. You may even be looked at to lead and even build a program for that area. For instance, if you’re a Level 2 Soccer Coach, a Qualified Lifeguard or a Grade 8 in Music or Performing, an activity leader position will help to level up your experience and skills.


As an activity specialist, your experience of summer camp will be very similar to the Camp Counselor role. You still share all the same facilities as other counselors and will live in the same cabins together with the children as well.


As well as running sessions, there’s also plenty of time to get involved with everything that camp has to offer. So in your free time, there’s time to score a few penalties, throw a few 3 pointers, have a relax and rest to soak up the summer!

Go on, make your day!

Become a camp leader by teaching the thing you’re most passionate about.  We have thousands of camp jobs waiting for people like you.  It doesn’t cost a penny to begin your application, so go right ahead, apply now.


It’s not essential to hold any qualifications but it will help to enhance your application. Experience with teaching or a good understanding of the skill will put you in good footing to get hired as a skills specialist.

The essentials for the role are to be is 18 by the 1st of June, available for 9 weeks and a clean criminal record.

J1 Visa

In order for you to work at a summer camp in America, you’ll need a J-1 visa. We’ve partnered with a J-1 Visa sponsor designated by the US Department of State to provide applicants with the required paperwork. Find out more information on obtaining your J-1 visa here.

Once you finish work at the camp, you get to stay in the USA for an extra 30 days, which you can use for travelling, shopping or events.

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