Music Teaching Jobs

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  • 18+ by June 1st
  • Available for 9 weeks
  • Big music lover!

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  • Want to teach music at camp
  • Hold a grade 8 in any instrument
  • Wanna jam out all summer!

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Music Jobs at Summer Camp

We have amazing jobs teaching Music in America this summer! Music departments at summer camp cover a large array of different genres as well as skill levels. If you’re a talented musician and have experience teaching others, a summer at camp will help develop your skills.

If you’re someone who can play an instrument to a high standard and can demonstrate your skills as well as passion, then this could be an amazing place to work.  If you’re part of a band, skilled in a certain instrument including Piano, Guitar, even Tuba and Flute there are amazing jobs for you at summer camp.

We have a large array of camps, who each have a music and performing arts department.  Some specialist camps have really high end Music and Performing programs and have had some famous stars attend camp as children, including Adam Levine and Lindsay Lohan. Mariah Carey even owns 1 camp near New York called Camp Mariah!

Did you know camps also hire DJ’s to work during the summer? Parties and socials are a big part of camp as well as teaching mixing to the campers. Dj-ing is a relatively new skill for camps and there are many eager campers ready to learn. If you have experience on the decks and know how to mix a tune, you’ll be a great asset at summer camp!

What Instruments do Camp Want?

Camps are huge, so whatever music you’re into, there’s a place at camp for it. Guitarists, pianists, DJ’s, music composers, music technicians, orchestral performers, singers, songwriters or even brass band players. Camps are looking for all skills and will welcome you to teach or lead these at camp!

What Qualifications do I need?

To lead music sessions at camp this summer, camps will be looking for you to have a level 5 qualification in music, but being a Grade 8 would be a huge bonus. As music is such a big part of camp, even if you have no qualifications, there’s still an opportunity for you to be a general counselor. Don’t forget to bring your instrument with you.

Is there a better place to showcase your talents?

Teach Music at Camp!

“I was hired to teach music at Chinequeka for 4 summers. I taught everything from piano lessons and guitar basics to the basics of music, sight-reading and listening skills. I worked with kids from 6-16 so we covered anything from Disney to Mozart. At the end of every summer, we put on a production of a famous musical, which all of the kids loved to be involved in!” – Lynne Murphy, Camp Chinqueka


Qualified music teachers with a Grade 8 and up can expect to earn up to $1,750 for the summer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need teaching experience?

No you don’t.  Of course being an experienced music teacher helps, but if you’re confident with your musical instrument and feel you can help show others how to play it, you’re perfect. If you’re part of a band or even a solo artist then sharing your skills with others is an amazing thing to do.

Do I need a Grade 8 Qualification?

You don’t have to be grade 8 qualified, but it’s a great qualification and an example of your skills on the instrument. You can still work on the music department at camp if you aren’t grade 8, or perhaps its a qualification you can aim to get? Either way there’s an amazing job for everyone at camp.

What does the job involve?

Music Jobs at camp are a lot of fun.  You could be part of the camp band for shows, teaching music to the children or creating new songs, or skits for evening activities.

Camp has amazing facilities, often state of the art so you’ll have everything you need.  High end performing arts camps have shows and performances for the towns or for parents, so you could be doing the music to Matilda, Wicked or Mary Poppins, depending on the program camp is offering.

Will I get chance to take part in other activities?

Yes. Even though you’re a music teacher at camp, you’ll have an active part in camp.  There are many breaks in the day, you’ll have chance to enjoy sports, water sports, have a climb on the wall, or shoot a few hoops!  There are plenty of rest periods, but you’ll be able to enjoy everything camp has to offer.

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