By far the best job you'll ever have!
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Summer Camp Jobs

By far the best job you'll ever have!

Work your dream Job

Working at camp is life-changing.  It’s the most fun and active job you could do over your summer. What other job lets you enjoy your favourite things in the sun, all day every day?

We have a range of Summer Camp Jobs on offer, with 3 main types of camp job roles available.

  1. Camp Counselors are the people that work directly with campers.
  2. Specialists/Advanced Skill Counselors work directly with campers, but they tend to be experts that teach a specific area, like a football coach or a lifeguard.
  3. If working directly with the campers isn’t exactly for you, Support Staff work behind the scenes in jobs like office or maintenance. They’re vital to camp as they make everything tick and run smoothly for the summer.


It’s not just an Average Summer Job

Each role is incredible and each role is integral to the day to day running of the camp.

There is plenty of free time in the day to rest, get a basketball and shoot some hoops or maybe have a swim in the lake and cool down from the sunny American weather! After that, you can even introduce the American children to your unique skills like Hurling or Cricket, something fun that they wouldn’t have played before!


Eligibility for a Camp Job?

Luckily, the only eligibility for Camp Counselor and Specialist/Advanced Skill participants is to be 18 years old when camp begins. There are no restrictions on being in full-time education. However, we do require you to be a student for a Support Staff role.


Don’t waste a summer in the UK.  Work the ultimate summer job.


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