Waterports Jobs

Are you...

  • 18+ by June 1st
  • Available for 9 weeks
  • Into watersports?
  • Ready to spend your summer in the sun

Do you...

  • Know how to waterski, kayak, wakeboard, windsurf or canoe
  • Hold any relevant qualifications
  • Confident to lead sessions

Ready to...

  • Spend summer in America
  • Travel to NY, LA and more
  • Gain a valuable addition to your CV
  • Make the most of your summer


Be a Watersports Instructor at Camp?

If you love watersports you’re going to love our watersports jobs at summer camp!   USA Summer Camp is looking for some amazing, fun and enthusiastic participants who feel capable in the following waterfront jobs:

  • Windsurfing Instructor
  • Water Ski Instructor
  • Wake boarding Instructor
  • Kayaking Instructor
  • Canoeing Instructor

Get ready to soak up the sun and spend your day cruising across the lake teaching campers the ins and outs of the best lake sports camp has to offer.

Safety, as well as fun, are key for a successful summer a watersports instructor. From waterskiing to windsurfing, you’re going to need to bring a positive and proactive attitude! Your goal is to make sure your campers are having the best summer ever whether that be kayaking or wakeboarding.

Your day on the Waterfront!

Every day at camp is a little different, and that’s part of the excitement!  Doing watersports on the lake is one of the campers most exciting parts of their day, trying to better their last attempt and or just stand up longer before falling in!  Teach your water skills this summer and each week you can see how your campers improve.

There are canoeing and kayaking outings where you could lead a group of children.

So if you’re into water sports, and want to work in America, then apply now.

Do I need any water sports qualifications?

USA Summer Camp are looking for:

We want enthusiastic, responsible, dedicated people with water-sports experience.

Enhanced Qualifications:

BCU Level 1/2, UKCC Level 1/2, BWSW Level 1-3 Waterski / Wakeboard, BWSW Licensed Coach, RYA Level 1/2, Lifeguard Qualified.


There’s amazing watersports jobs at camp for everyone! 

Waterfront Roles at Camp

Waterfront activities are a big part of what makes summer camp so great. If you’re experienced in windsurfing, water skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking or even canoeing – you would make a great addition at camp!


Waterfront Specialists can expect to earn a minimum of $2,000 for their summer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be able to instruct all the watersports?

No you don’t.  We are looking for amazing people who can help teach or lead any of the waterfront activities.  If you can teach more than one of the watersports, even better!

Will I be an Advanced Skills / Specialist Camp Counselor?

Yes.  Because these jobs are in demand and high level, they’re classed as Advanced Skill / Specialist!  It means you’ll get paid more by summer camp.

note: All jobs and are based on wage and the amount of qualification and experience can affect wether you’re an advanced skill or not!

What does the job involve?

Working as a watersports instructor is an amazing job, with your shades on, down on the camp lake! Different groups of different abilities, will come to the lake and enjoy the activities. Your job is to either train them, or to take them out to have fun!

Canoeing and kayaking can have groups that go on specific trips, but teaching techniques and assisting the children is your priority.

Camps have incredible facilities, some near the ocean which could be a trip out to teach!

There are lots of scenarios, but the main one is just how much fun you’ll have all summer.

Will I get chance to take part in other activities?

Yes. You’re an integral part of the camp group, you’ll get the same time off, the same breaks as others and will get to enjoy the sports you’re teaching, or enjoy the climbing wall, play some football or shoot some hoops!  You can get involved in colour war, camp olympics or anything and everything else that happens on camp!

Are you ready for the
ultimate summer job?