Why work abroad with USA Summer Camp?

Work abroad on a J1 American Summer!  Enjoy the best summer of your life by working abroad with the summer camp in America experts.  We’ve experienced thousands of J1 summers and have a total of 30 camp summers between us in the office! A great summer in America, the best-paid salaries and flexible flight options are all included in our affordable flexible pricing plans.

Thousands of J1 Jobs

There are thousands of jobs available for your J1 summer. If America isn’t your style, we even provide a camp in Canada option! From New York to LA, Montreal to Quebec, there are plenty of new and exciting places for you to explore this summer. Camps are hiring for nearly every skill imaginable and you’d be surprised what you could be teaching out in America this summer. If you’re unsure if you’re skill is covered, get in touch!

700+ Summer Camps

We work with more than 700 of the best summer camps in America. The camps we work with are based all over America as well as Canada and they’re all looking for staff from Ireland to work with them for the summer. There’s something for everyone at summer camp. Private Camps, Day Camps, Girl Scout Camps, Special Needs Camps, and Religious Camps are some of the many different types of camps we work with.

Earn more for your summer

USA Summer Camp endeavour to pay the highest salaries for summer camp. Our participants are always our number one priority.  We strive to provide salaries higher than other summer camp providers. You could be earning over $2,000 for your summer in America. Get in touch to find out more! A higher salary means more spending money while travelling after camp comes to an end.

What makes USA Summer Camp great?

Our J1 program provides flexible flight options. Choose between flights included or book your own flights. The choice is yours and you’re in control.  We’ll be happy to book and pay for your return flights to summer camp, or if you want to be in control of getting yourself the cheapest and most convenient flight deal, you can choose the no flight package.  We know other summer camp providers can often make the flight package mandatory with additional surcharges. We want to make sure you have both options available to you. We’ve got your back.

We’re Irish and we know it!

With a locally-based office in Maynooth, you can guarantee you’re speaking with a team who have all experienced a J1 summer. We’re located approximately a two-minute walk from Maynooth University. Pop in for a chat and find out more about a summer in America. A lot of summer camp companies are based in the UK which means missing out on J1 expertise. Your application is in safe hands!

Friends from around the globe!

While spending your summer at camp in America, you’ll have the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Camp hires international staff from all across the globe and summer camp is a melting pot of inclusivity and diverse people.  Meet amazing people on your J1 this summer and become lifelong friends with people from all over the world. Create memories that will stick with you forever.

Level up your CV

Working abroad is an incredible life skill and a valuable addition to your CV. While at summer camp you’ll have plenty of opportunities to learn new skills, enhance your coaching or teaching and develop yourself as a leader. Demonstrate to future employers how you can adapt easily to change and how you grew with a summer abroad on your CV. Additionally, it’s something incredible to be proud of and will become a great talking point in future job interviews.

Summer camp in America becomes a habit. You go once you’ll be hooked! We offer an incredible returner package, so you can return to camp, over and over again!

100% Guaranteed J1 Summer Camp Placement

We’re very proud, for 8 years running we have secured all of our participants their dream job in the States. We guarantee you a place to work at a summer camp in America.

We work closely with our team in America to secure every participant a placement at summer camp. That means everyone we accept onto the program who gets all of their documents and fees submitted on time will have a guaranteed job at summer camp.

You’ll know your camp, location and everything else you need before you even leave Ireland.

Do I need to be a Student?

No! For a J1 at summer camp you just need to be 18 by the 1st of June. However, if you would like a Support Staff role at camp, then yes, you do need to be in full-time education. Camp counselors and activity leaders don’t need to be a student to work at a summer camp in America.

Food & Accommodation

While you are working at a summer camp you won’t need to worry about paying for your food and accommodation. All of this is included and camp is adaptable to all dietary requirements! All of your camp salaries can go towards the more important things like trips after camp and snacks at Disney Land.

30 Days to Travel

When summer camp comes to an end, you have up to 30 days to explore across America. If exploring New York, photographing Niagara Falls, or partying in LA is on your wish list, now’s your chance! It’s completely up to you how much travelling you do after camp, and where you decide to travel to.

Our Summer Camp Job Fairs

USA Summer Camp runs the biggest and best J1 summer camp job fairs. Every January we have our huge Fairs in Dublin, London, Leeds, and Edinburgh.

Our Dublin job fair is the biggest J1 summer camp job fair in Ireland! Hosted at the iconic Aviva Stadium, you can bag yourself your dream summer job and look out on Ireland’s iconic pitch! Why not come along and see what all the fuss is about?

We also run over 30 private/Skype Fairs which means there’s always an opportunity to get you hired!

Ireland’s Best!

We pride ourselves in being the best company in Ireland for your J1 American summer. We offer the ultimate customer service and the best summer camp jobs in America.

Get all the support and help you need from our experts who are on hand to help you, over the phone or face-to-face!

Give us a call on 1 533 0818 or come see us at Maynooth (next to the University) and we’ll help you to get the summer of your dreams!

Working abroad made easy.  A summer of your dreams made with USA Summer Camp.