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As a non-resident of the US, you are eligible to file a tax return.


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Assistance before and after your J1

Every non-resident of the US must file tax documents with the IRS.

By using this Returns File, you can guarantee you are 100% tax compliant.  everything is prepared to ensure you don’t pay any more tax than you have to.

You can use this software to confirm your eligibility, if you are exempt from tax and important forms you will need before your job (W-4 form, 8233)

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  • If you were physically in the US on a J Visa between Jan 1 and Dec 31 of the tax year you’re obligated to send at least one form, Form 8843, to the US tax agency IRS even if you’ve had no income


  • If a non resident J participant earns US income, you need to file a Federal Tax return with the IRS by law


  • Depending on circumstances, you may also need to file a State Tax Return


  • April 15 is the tax deadline day for tax returns from the previous year

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