Returning to Camp is as easy as A,B,C with our simple returner program.
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Return to Camp! Our Returners Rock

Returning to Camp is as easy as A,B,C with our simple returner program.

Return to Summer Camp?

Returning to Summer Camp brings the classic questions – “Shall I go back, or shall I make last summer my last?” We all go through this decision, and in the end we all make the same one.  We Go Back To Camp!

Our aim at USA Summer Camp is about making returning to camp easy.  The Department of State sometimes gives limits on the number of returners that can be sent to camp, so our advice is always to apply early.

What you get from us?

It’s really simple.

Returner Pay

As a summer camp returner your job is to negotiate your wage directly with camp.  So play as hard ball as you want.  Camps love returners, they trust you and know the good job you do and tend to pay you very well!

3rd Year + Returners?

3rd Year Camp Returners is a delicate subject! The Department of State have insisted that only 10% of total visa allocation is for 3 year + returners.  Theres a shortfall, so if this is you, please apply as early as you possibly can.  We’re here to help, but we do operate on a first come, first served basis.

There’s more information about returning to camp on our Returners FAQ page.

Next steps of Returning to Camp?

Returning to Summer Camp is quick and easy. All you need to do is create a USA Summer Camp application and fill in your details.  To fully secure your place so you can return to Summer Camp, you’ll need to pay a €99 deposit on your profile. One of the USA Summer Camp team will then give you a call to have a chat through the process.


It’s never been so easy to return to your second home!  Return to Summer Camp Today.