The Hidden Heroes and Camp Leaders!
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Summer Camp Support Staff

The Hidden Heroes and Camp Leaders!

What do Summer Camp Support Staff do?

Support staff are the heroes at camp!

Every camp needs a team of hard-working Summer Camp Staff working behind the scenes! They’ll help make sure the camp runs smoothly and everyone has the best summer experience possible.

Whether you’d like a job working in the camp office, within maintenance, making sure camp looks incredible or helping our with the housekeeping/laundry, there’s an important job for you at camp!

A Typical Day at Summer Camp

A typical day at camp will depend on the type of support job you’re employed in.

Whatever your job, you’ll be given full training when you arrive at camp so you’ll get to know the ropes quickly.

Unlike Counselors, you won’t be working with the campers directly, but you’ll still be working around them. Support Staff typically get more downtime during the day than Counselors and usually live in separate accommodation.

Best of all, Support Staff often get paid the most money at camp! And did we mention you’re working in the sun, in America..?!


There are some requirements you’ll need to meet to be eligible to work in a Support Staff role.

You’ll need to be a full-time student, on a Higher Education Course. You’ll also need to be available to work from 1st June to 1st September.

The job is a really rewarding one because you’ll be a big part in making sure everyone at camp gets a good experience.

Apply to Work at Summer Camp

If working behind the scenes at camp sounds like your kind of thing, why not apply today?

Have fun in the sun helping camp run smoothly. We’ve helped more than 40,000 people work in America, so you’re in safe hands.

Apply today. We can guarantee it’ll be a better summer job than the one you choose at home!