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We will secure your placement, visa and insurance to return to your favourite Camp.


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This will be downloadable this year.  We’ve made the process as simple as possible.

No Camp Fees

Your Camp won’t pay a returner fee going through us, which they do through other companies. Get in the Good Books.

Earn Money

Negotiate your Salary directly with Camp!  Remember they’re saving money too!

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Return to your favourite Summer Camp.  With No Returner Fees to your Camp its only normal they’d want you to return with USA Summer Camp.

Start your application today.  Returning Made Easy.


Camps often pay a fee to each Summer Camp Agency for returning staff, these are listed below.  We don’t charge a fee, so maybe they can hand those fees over to you instead?

USA Summer Camp


Camp America


Camp Leaders






USA Summer Camp


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“After the most incredible summer, I can’t recommend this experience enough!”

Alanna Galloway

“ USA Summer Camp did a really good job in helping me get to camp throughout the process.”

James Main

“ I ended up having the best summer of my lifetime at my camp and I can’t wait to go back next year”

Holly Turner

Remember to earn Commission

For every new app you recommend to us!

Fees & Costs

Fee Breakdown

We’ve done the math and the total cost of getting to summer camp is:

To USA Summer Camp – £329 (with No Flights)

Deposit – £99

Cost to Camp – FREE

Complete Fee Breakdown

It’s completely free to register an application to USA Summer Camp. Your application fees are broken down into a £49 deposit (which is refundable if you aren’t accepted onto the program) followed by regular instalments of £100 payments which are usually paid monthly. We also offer a range of amazing discounts which reward you for paying in full quicker and recommending friends!

As part of your USA Summer Camp fees, we will interview you by phone to accept you on to the program and then you will meet one of our fantastic National Support Team members. Our NST will write a report on your profile for summer camp directors to see which helps further highlight your skills and experience. We help proofread your application, regularly check up on your status and help you with every step you take. Our Placement Coordinators match you to one of 700 amazing summer camps in America that we work with. We provide excellent guidance on booking your visa appointment with the US Embassy and arrange for your visa sponsorship and paperwork. If you select the Flight Option, the £200 extra fees are used to facilitate, book and arrange your travel to your US summer camp. Your fees also pay for medical insurance for your time at camp as well as our continued support and guidance from start to finish of your new and exciting summer camp experience.

Third-Party Fees

In order to work at summer camp, there are some items that we and camps require you to complete. Your Medical Health History, which needs to be completed by your GP ranges from £0-£50. An ICPC Police Check is required (dated after January 1st) and costs £75. (International Child Protection Certificate).

To secure your visa to work in the USA, you’ll need to book a US Embassy Appointment. The US Embassy charges $160 for this booking*. You’ll also pay £60 for your DS2019 Visa Paperwork to USA Summer Camp which is needed for your Embassy Appointment.

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