Costs and Wages

Food, Accommodation & Placement included.  You’ll earn a wage to spend in Canada!

It’s FREE to sign up.  And we break the total down into easy to pay instalments.

Work & Travel Canada for only €499.

Own Flights

earn a min $2,000
Experience Awesome Canada


Save some great money on your USA Summer Camp fees with our discounts, or even earn yourself some dollars to spend in Canada!

$50 cash

Earn $50 cash for every friend you recommend that goes onto the USA Summer Camp program.  There’s no limit to the $$ you can earn!

Our Benefits

  • Find your Summer Camp job out in Canada
  • The highest camp salary compared to other companies
  • Food and accommodation provided while at camp
  • Free medical insurance while at camp
  • Support and assistance obtaining your work permit
  • 24-hour support while in Canada
  • 6 months of travel time after camp ends

Fee Breakdown

It’s completely free to register an application to USA Summer Camp. Your application fees are broken down into a €49 deposit (which is refundable if you aren’t accepted onto the program) followed by regular instalments of €100 payments which are usually paid monthly. We also offer a range of amazing discounts which reward you for paying in full quicker and recommending friends!

As part of your USA Summer Camp fees, we will interview you by phone to accept you on to the program and then you will meet one of our fantastic National Support Team members. Our NST will write a report on your profile for summer camp directors to see which helps further highlight your skills and experience. We help proofread your application, regularly check up on your status and help you with every step you take. Our Placement Coordinators match you to one of 700 amazing summer camps in America and Canada that we work with.

Your fees also pay for medical insurance for your time at camp as well as our continued support and guidance from start to finish of your new and exciting summer camp experience.

Third-Party Fees

In order to work at summer camp, there are some items that we and camps require you to complete. Your Medical Health History, which needs to be completed by your doctor ranges from €0-€50. You will need your local Garda station to complete a police check which is free.

To work in Canada you will need a work permit. This can be up to $250 CAD and this is paid directly to the respective agency.

Upon your arrival, you will need to cover the accommodation costs prior to heading to camp.

You will also need to pay €99 for your lawyer’s work permit services. This applies to anyone in need of a work permit. This is to cover the costs of legal assistance needed in the application process. (If you are applying for the IEC Working Holiday visa instead, this fee is not applicable)

We’ve done the math and the total cost of getting to summer camp is:

Total to USASC – €499

Total Third-Party – €220

Total Fees –  €719

*Correct as of 17th August 2021

Hear From Our Participants

Don’t take our word for it, hear from the people who have actually been to Summer Camp!

They are so helpful & great at communication, they always keep you updated & try their upmost to place you at camp.

Matthew Mac Giolla Phádraig

Everyone at the USA Summer Camps office is so helpful and really prepared me for my summer at camp.

Davida Shiels Forde

If anyone is looking to go to camp next year I would 100% recommend USA Summer Camp to help you through the process!

Emilie Wright

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