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Summer Teaching Jobs Abroad

Travelling and teaching abroad in the USA is perfect for training teachers.

If you’re training to be a teacher – or are already a qualified teacher – it’s important to get work placements and additional experience. There’s no better way to do this than a summer teaching job abroad at an American summer camp.

Boost your CV, teach abroad to a new culture, bring your skills to your job and improve them some more.  There is no better place to spend your summer.

We think summer camp is a productive way to earn some extra cash, use the opportunity to travel, to make new friends and gain invaluable work experience during your summer break. A summer teaching job abroad is a great way to enhance your CV and gain some valuable life skills, living and working away from home in a different country.

Your summer job, SORTED, at a camp exploring the United States or Canada!

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Work Experience

Training to be a teacher is amazing.  Use this experience to add hours to your CV, use it as your work placement or gain additional teaching time in your summer holiday.

When people work abroad at a Summer Camp, it’s seen as a valuable life skill and improves your personality and skills, which will show on your CV.

Work as a Camp Counselor in America where  you’ll earn money, meet new people and you can travel for up to 30 days in America.   Then add it to your CV.

Need a Placement?

Gain a teaching placement working at an American Summer Camp.  Work abroad, teaching in a new culture, gaining more experience.  Camps will sign off your work experience forms.

Gain more communication skills, improved teaching skills and maybe even a chance to learn other languages, as well as the cultures.

Summer camp allows you the exciting opportunity of earning money and teaching all the exciting activities camp has to offer.

Travel around the US

Aside from having fun, making friends, earning money and extra life skills, there is also the amazing opportunity to travel.

Visit amazing places in America like New York, Chicago, Boston, LA and Miami.   Go to places like Disney, Yellowstone or Niagara Falls.

Take a road trip, join a trek or just visit incredible cities.  This is the perfect opportunity to apply.

Does it get any better than this?  Discover America and live your dream summer.

Get Teaching Experience

The Number 1 Place for Teachers

Level up that CV while enjoying the best summer job abroad.

So asides from being perfect work experience, amazing training and an incredible thing to add to your CV.  USA Summer Camp provides the following:

          • Summer Camp Placement
          • Food
          • Drink
          • Accommodation
          • J1 Visa
          • Insurance
          • 24 Hour Support
          • Friends from around the world
          • Fun all day every day
          • Chance to travel

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