It's the simple way to get Paid abroad!

The Wise multi-currency card makes life simpler abroad.  While you’re at summer camp, or working on your gap year you can receive your wages onto the Wise card as it comes with your very own bank details for that country.  It’s so simple and reduces the need to open a bank account abroad.

You can pay for things using your card in the local currency of the country you’re in, which in turn gives you a better currency rate, and saves you money.


  • Make spending abroad up to 6x cheaper.
  • It always pays in the local currency, wherever you are.
  • If you don’t have that currency, it auto-converts your money to it.

Spend instantly

  • Order a contactless debit card, and connect to Apple Pay or Google Pay right away.
  • Or pay securely with your Wise digital card online.
  • Your Wise card will arrive within 2 days to 3 weeks, depending on where you live.

Send and spend money

  • Transferring money to your friends and family has never been this easy.
  • Send money at the real exchange rate, with no hidden fees.
  • Withdraw up to 200 GBP from ATMs per month for free.

Change & Spend Money Cheaper

It costs just £7 for your Wise card, but the savings are huge.  Sending money abroad or between accounts is simple with Wise.  Here’s Wise’s comparison:

Sending £1,000 GBP

  • Wise                           £1,163.25
  • XE                              £1,158.04
  • Western Union        £1,144.94
  • MoneyGram             £1,142.89
  • Halifax                      £1,127.03
  • Natwest                     £1,118.89
  • Paypal                        £1,116.20

as of March 2024

A Bank Account to get Paid into

Your very own bank details pre arranged so you can be paid your wages onto the Wise card.

One card for multiple uses.


It’s so simple it’d be silly not to!

Get Bank Details for Different Countries

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