Application & Documents

When’s the application deadline?

Applications to work at Summer Camp in America close around the 1st May each year – though there’s sometimes some flexibility in this. The closing dates for applications are announced on our Facebook profile and our Twitter feed.

The earlier you apply, the more positions that are available. Applying early also means you’ve got more time to get your documents all sorted and submitted, and your program fees paid off.

To apply for Summer Camp, head over to our application form and fill out your details.

Is there an application fee?

It is free to set up your initial account. When you are ready to get started, you’ll pay your application fee. Your program fees cover your visa sponsorship, medical insurance while at camp, and much more.

More information about the program fees can be found on our Summer Camp Pricing page.

What information should I put in my application?

Thousands of people apply to work at Summer Camp every year, so you need to do everything you can to help your application stand out.

To start with though, you only need to put in your basic details on our application form, then one of the team will give you a call to open up the full online profile. They’ll guide you through filling it out.

What’s a profile review?

When you fill out your application, you’ll build an online profile that highlights all your skills and experience. This information is used by Summer Camps to help them decide if they can offer you a job for the summer.

To help your profile stand out from the crowd, you’ll meet one of our National Support Team. They’re a dedicated group of people who have all been to Summer Camp in the past and they’ll work with you to improve your profile. They’re also there to help answer any questions you’ve got.

Do I have to make an application video?

Standing out from the crowd is really important. Camps LOVE watching your videos and finding out more about your personality and skills. We don’t need you to make a really high quality video. Just sitting down and recording a quick, fun video on your phone works for us! It’ll only take you a few minutes to do and is easy to upload. It’ll make a big difference on your profile!

What documents do I need?

You’ll need a few different documents in order to get out to Summer Camp, but we’ll guide you through how to get each one after you apply – you don’t need them all before making an application.

  • A valid passport
  • A completed Medical Form
  • An ICPC Police Check
  • Certificates highlighting your skills
  • 2 completed references (plus an additional referee’s contact information)
  • A J1 visa to enter America

How do I apply for the documents?

After completing your application, you’ll see the USA Summer Camp profile has guides that’ll walk you through how to apply for each document.

These guidebooks will appear in the “Things to Do” section.

You can always give the office a call on 0121 411 9165 if you need any help with these guides.

How long does my passport need to be valid for?

Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after you intend to return home from America. This requirement is set by the USA’s government and is not something that’s negotiable.

Is there a deadline to submit my documents?

The document deadline is 1st of April. If you have applied after this deadline, we will set a new deadline for you. It’s so important to stick to these deadlines so that the process is as smooth and easy as possible!

How do I arrange my Insurance?

We’ve got you covered for your entire time working at camp. You will receive your insurance policy documents 14 days prior to your departure to America.

You will receive our standard insurance package, however you will have the option to upgrade to the premium coverage. Additionally, if you are travelling after camp, you can extend your insurance so that you’re fully covered for your time away. Health care is expensive in the USA. We urge everyone to make sure they are covered for the full duration of their trip!


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