Archery Jobs at Summer Camp

Are you...

  • 18+ by June 1st
  • Available for 9 weeks
  • Able to hit the mark
  • Skilled with a bow and arrow

Do you...

  • Want to teach archery
  • Have archery experience
  • Want to hit targets

Ready to...

  • Spend your summer in America
  • Travel to places like NY, LA and more
  • Gain a valuable addition to your CV


Archery Instructor Jobs at Camp!

USA Summer Camps archery jobs are a great way to spend your summer.  Teach and Tutor this area to the children at camp.  Archery sessions are one of summer camps favourite sessions!  Grab yourself an archery job today.

You’ll teach a group of children, help to instruct them and help them shoot some record points totals. There will be children of all ages and abilities, but every kid loves Archery because it’s so much fun and not something they would do often outside of camp.

Channel your inner Robin Hood or Katniss Everdeen for the best summer of your life!

Whats my next steps?

Some people take part in Archery as a hobby or maybe a member of a club. Either that or you’ve done archery a few times and fancy the chance to lead this at camp. No qualification is needed, but camp may want to train you when you first arrive to make sure you can lead this area during camp and know all the safety procedures.

If you’ve got an archery qualification or have experience in coaching, you’ll be in a good place to get hired. If you aren’t qualified, but you have experience in the sport, we’ll still be able to help you get an awesome camp archery job!

archery experience at a camp in america

Being an Archery Instructor at Camp

If you’re mad about all things archery, being an instructor at camp is the perfect way to gain experience coaching while abroad. Spend your day teaching campers the ins and outs of all things archery all while getting to join in with the best activities summer camp has to offer!

earn money as an archery instructor in america


Archery instructors can expect to earn a minimum of $2,000 for the summer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an Archery Qualification?

No you wont need a qualification to get an archery job at camp. If you have past experience, part of a club or have a qualification it’s helpful, but there is training provided at camp.  Most importantly we want you to be passionate about teaching archery at camp.

How do I get an Archery Job at Camp?

Thats simple. Complete our apply now form.  You can create a profile, which is a camp CV.  Select Archery as one of your skills and explain why you’d be amazing at teaching this at camp.  We’ll be in contact over the next 24 hours to chat to you about going to Camp in America.

What does the job involve?

Archery Instructor Jobs firstly involve health and safety.  You’ll have many groups of campers coming to the archery, riflery and shooting department every day. Each will be a different level of ability.

The aim is to help them have fun, improve their shooting and leave with a smile on their face.

Will I get chance to take part in other activities?

Yes. Even though you’re job role is within archery, you’ll have an active part in camp.  There are many breaks in the day, you will be able to join in with evening activities and skits.  You’ll be part of the camp olympics and colour war teams!

And of course you’ll get to try everything at camp, you’re an integral member of the team!

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