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Working as a Specialist Summer Camp Counselor

Working as a Specialist Summer Camp Counselor

Working as a Specialist Summer Camp Counselor is a great way to spend a summer!

You’ll be working in the sun, teaching excited campers, and being paid to do what you love.

Your expertise means you’ll be a role model for the campers you’re teaching, and for the other Camp Counselors too.

Today’s Guest Blogger, Natasha, guides us through her three summers working as a Specialist Summer Camp Counselor…

My Jobs at Summer Camp

I was lucky enough to spend three summers at camp in America. For all three, I was hired as a Specialist Summer Camp Counselor.

I was trusted with some of the more ‘dangerous’ activities on offer at camp like archery, fencing, and riflery.

Summer Camp is a great place for the kids to learn new skills. They want to get involved in everything, even if it’s just once!

Teach Fencing at Summer Camp

I started fencing when I was a kid myself. My dad stuck me in a class on holiday so he could watch a football game!

I was there for about two hours and I loved it. We had a tournament at the end… and I won. From there, I was hooked.

When I got back to England, I joined my local YMCA group and took lessons every week and went on to compete at County level.

I passed my level one qualification in foil fencing, but I didn’t have enough money to go any further qualifications at the time.

It wasn’t until I applied to camp in America that I started fencing again.

Teach Archery at Summer Camp

I first picked up a bow and arrow when I was in Brownies. We went on a trip and tried lots of activities, like kayaking, climbing, archery, and hiking.

I just love sports which involve accuracy, so I took to archery like a duck to water. Archery isn’t a sport with lots of clubs by where I lived, but I’d got some experience.

After I added archery to my Summer Camp application, I was asked to teach some classes. I didn’t need a qualification, just the experience.

Teach Riflery at Summer Camp

Before working at Summer Camp, I’d never had any previous experience of riflery.

I’d worked at camp the year before as a Fencing Instructor, and they asked me to run some riflery classes the following summer.

My dad was in the army, so I guess it was in my blood, but I’d never held a gun before.

The guns they used at camp were only BB guns and air rifles, but the kids still needed supervision and some help.

Camp helped me get a proper qualification, which was great to add to my CV!

Natasha Atlas
Natasha Atlas
Natasha is passionate about travel and works for one of our partners, Trek America. She runs her own travel blog, which you can visit at www.natashaatlas.com.
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7 Christmas Gifts for a Camp Counselor

10 Summer Camp Phrases Explained

What’s Stopping You Going to Summer Camp?

The adventure of a lifetime is waiting for you, so what’s stopping you going to Summer Camp?

Upping sticks to America for the summer can be a scary thought. But, it’s more than worth going.

You’ll learn new skills, make new friends, get paid to have fun, and you’ll literally change your life!

Let’s have a look at the top reasons that might be stopping you going to Summer Camp…

Friends and Family

Spending 9 to 12 weeks in America means you’ll be away from your friends and family.

Everyone goes through a bit of homesickness, but everyone bands together to get through it.

Living and working with people for that long means you’ll quickly become like a little family of your own.

You’ll meet people from all over the world and you’ll learn so much about different cultures too.

Your friends and family will still be there when you get home. They’ll be really jealous of your trip though!

University Lectures

The vast majority of the people who go to Summer Camp in America are students.

Summer Camp dates fit perfectly around the end of Summer Term, so you’ll be able to take part.

The latest date you can fly to America is on the morning of 19th June, well after lectures end!

You’ll be heading home before lectures restart in September too, so there are no worries there.

Summer Job at Home

Working at home or travelling and landing a dream summer job abroad… there’s no comparison!

Being able to add international work experience to your CV will help your career in lots of different ways.

You’ll be able to show you’re flexible, committed, independent, and well-travelled, just by working at camp!

Having Enough Skills

Some people worry about not having the right skills to work at Summer Camp.

American Summer Camps hire for a massive range of skills and lots you’d never think they would.

From sports to the arts, computing to magic, yoga to survival skills, and everything in between!

Whatever your skills, hobbies, and interests, there’s a perfect Summer Camp job waiting for you.

7 Christmas Gifts for a Camp Counselor

Struggling to get the perfect gifts for the Camp Counselor in your life?

Christmas is just around the corner and the USA Summer Camp team are here to save the day!

Forget the socks and give the camp enthusiast what they really want this Christmas…

Friendship Bracelet Kit

If your Camp Counselor rocks up with a friendship bracelet kit, they’ll instantly be the coolest person at camp.

Making friendship bracelets is something everyone will do at camp because it’s a tradition!

Who doesn’t want to be rocking friendship bracelets all year round too?

Polaroid Camera

If you have a bigger budget, a Polaroid Camera is one of the best gifts for a Camp Counselor.

They’ll be able to capture every moment and plaster the photos all around their cabin to help make it feel homely.

They’re great for travelling and the campers will love taking selfies with them too!

Water Bottle

Having one water bottle is not enough! When we say Counselors will lose about four water bottles, we’re not lying!

Get a water bottle that has a crazy design or get their name engraved so if it does go missing, everybody knows who’s it is.

They’ll definitely thank you for it when they’re at camp!


Cadburys doesn’t taste good in America. Trust us, it just isn’t the same.

Gift your friend some Cadburys chocolate to pack into their suitcase.

There’s nothing better than having a piece of proper chocolate after a long, but fun day at camp.

Camp Rock/Parent Trap

Motivate your Camp Counselor and show them all the fun they’re going to have next summer with a traditional Summer camp movie.

The USA Summer Camp team recommend watching Camp Rock and Parent Trap every movie night!

Your Camp Counselor will be ready to hop on to the plane to camp after receiving this gift!

White Tees

It’s the worst thing when you turn up to Summer Camp without a white tee to tie-dye.

One of the things you’ll learn to love at camp is tie-dyed t-shirts, so get prepared.

Travel Journal

A travel journal is a great gift for a Camp Counselor who loves to reminisce over their adventures.

They can stick down all their souvenirs, pictures, and tickets from their travels in America.

The best way to remember the best summer ever!

Jess Lucas
Jess Lucas
Jess is the Marketing Executive at USA Summer Camp. She spent her first summer in America as a Camp Counselor at Indian Head.