Be a specialist. Are you an expert in an area or Qualified to Teach?
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Specialist / Advanced Skills

Be a specialist. Are you an expert in an area or Qualified to Teach?

What is a Specialist / Advanced Skills Counselor?

Essentially, this role is for someone who might be qualified in a particular area or might have a lot of experience in this area.

You’ll have a really important role at camp as you’ll be expected to run an area or assist in running an area at camp. You may even be looked at to run, lead and even build a program for that area.

So if you’re a Level 2 Soccer Coach, a qualified lifeguard, boating specialist of a Grade 8 in Music or Performing, then this area could be for you.


Do I have to have a Qualification to be an Advanced Skills Camp Counselor?

No, you don’t but it is something that usually goes hand in hand.

Camps look further than this, so if you have experience teaching, or have the capabilities to be a specialist / advanced skill counselor, then they’d happily hire you for this.


Are there any restrictions?

No. If you’re qualified or capable of being a Specialist at camp, then you’ll be hired as one.  It doesn’t matter what age you are.

Nothing else changes within the role, so it’s very similar to the Camp Counselor role. You still share all the same facilities as other counselors and will live in the same cabins together with the children as well.


You get paid more in this role

This is important to know, you’ll be paid an additional premium for this role. So if you can get a qualification and have a passion for a particular area, this could be another reason to be certified.


In a nutshell…

You’ll be leading activity sessions for the campers and making sure they’re having the most fun possible.  Leading your favourite activity is amazing, you help others learn and improve as well as increasing your own expertise.

Is there a better way to spend a summer than being paid to teach your favourite hobby?

As well as running sessions, there’s also plenty of time to get involved with everything that camp has to offer. So in your free time, there’s time to score a few penalties, throw a few 3 pointers, have a relax and rest to soak up the summer!

You’ll join in plenty of other camp activities, so you won’t miss evening shows, campfires or BBQ eat-outs!

Become part of a worldwide tradition! After a week at camp, you’ll understand why we love it so much!