Coach Basketball in America

Are you...

  • 18+ by June 1st
  • Available for 9 weeks
  • Ready to shoot some hoops

Do you...

  • Want to teach basketball
  • Hold a level 1 or level 2 in basketball coaching
  • Want to play ball in the sun

Ready to...

  • Spend a summer in America
  • Travel to NY, LA or more
  • Gain a valuable addition to your CV


Coach Basketball at Summer Camp

Coaching and teaching basketball is huge in America!  With the NBA being one of Americas biggest sports events, you know basketball will be a big deal at camp. If you’re a keen basketballer and want to coach basketball at camp, then a camp in America will be your biggest stage yet!

Rest assured, these kids are good. So we need you to be able to teach basketball to them, improve their skills and help make basketball sessions enjoyable. Summer Camps in America have great courts, both indoors and out, so showcase your 3 point shooting and master the free throw competition.

Most camps put a big emphasis on their campers having fun, but some camps will run competitions – even challenging nearby camps to matches, hosting their own NBA or bracket series, which obviously they want to win for camp bragging rights!

Can I teach basketball At Camp?

If you’ve got your Level 1 or Level 2 Basketball Coaching qualification, then you’ll be in demand! Don’t worry if you don’t have a formal qualification though. If you’ve got good experience playing the game at a local club or with college or university, then you could still work at camp teaching basketball.

If playing and coaching basketball is your forte, then get started with your application! We’ll be able to showcase your skills to camps and get you a job playing basketball all summer.

Basketball at Camp

I started as an activity counselor, mainly leading sports. Throughout the summer I was lucky enough to develop new skills in areas I never thought I would. Being so passionate about sports and falling in love with camp, I was offered the role of Athletic Director for the next 3 summers. Camp has without a doubt helped shape me into the person I am today.” Luke Renshaw, Camp Halfmoon


Basketball coaches that hold a level 1 or level 2 in coaching will make over $2,000 for the summer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Basketball Coaching Qualification?

This is one of the jobs at summer camp that, if you do have a qualification, would be really helpful.  Basketball is huge in America and these kids are talented so it’s preferred if you could be qualified as a basketball coach.  If you’re a strong member of a team at university or as a hobby, tthen this could still be a role for you at camp.

How to I get a Basketball Coaching Qualification?

In the UK the best place to start is with Basketball England.  In Ireland we would recommend Basketball Ireland.

What does the job involve?

At summer camp there are several teaching periods in the day You can find more in our Typical Day.   You’ll take groups of children and help develop technique and improve plays.  Basketball is big, so there will be teams that could play inter camp championships so you’ll be helping to prepare these teams for success. They’re glory may depend on you!

Will I get chance to take part in other activities?

Yes. Even though you’ll have your hands full with basketballs, you’ll have loads of opportunities to get involved in everything at camp.  There are lots of free periods to relax, play other games, have a swim or practice your free throws!

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