Your typical 9-5 Camp!
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A Day Camp

Your typical 9-5 Camp!

What’s a Day Camp?

A Day Camp works differently from other camps because the campers don’t sleep at the camp overnight.

Every morning, big yellow school buses pick up the campers up from home and bring them back to the camp.

The camp’s staff usually stay in accommodation on-site or stay with a local host family.

Your Typical Day

Day Camps offer all the fun and games of any other camp, so there are lots of activities on offer.

They run to a pretty tight schedule to make sure they can cram everything into the day!

As well as all the activities, the camp will put on special events to bring all of the campers together.

A typical day will see you leading campers from activity to activity and making sure everyone’s having fun!

W0rking at a Day Camp will mean you’ll have a bit more downtime than at other camps.

What would I do of an evening?

Often your camp or host families will put on things for you to do of evenings and weekends. You have more time off so you can just relax at the beach, go to the mall, rest or explore the local surroundings.

We usually find the workers at Camp always get together and find loads of activities and things to do.

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