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New Orleans

Get a taste of the local culture

Jackson Square sits in the heart of the French Quarter and is overlooked by the stunning white, three-tiered St Louis Cathedral. As you walk around the area, take in all the architecture. New Orleans has a distinct style influenced by the 18th-century.  It’s a lively hub of art and entertainment with street artists on every corner.

It’s not a secret that this city has a history of voodoo and a fascination with the dead. One thing that you will begin to notice as you make your way through the city is the cemeteries are big and bold (as well as a little eerie). It may sound a little crazy to recommend walking through these graveyards but they are too impressive to avoid. Look into joining a walking tour to get the most out of the history behind the extravagance.


Feeling Peckish?

New Orleans is big on its food. A firm favourite with the locals is Po-Boys (known as ‘Poor Boys’), a crusty sandwich jam-packed with fried Gulf oysters or shrimp and slathered in mayo. Get the best in town at Parkway Bakery & Tavern based on the corner of Hagan and Toulouse overlooking Bayou St. As you’re there, take advantage of their tavern that transports you back 100 years where the drinks are cold and the music is good.



Take some time out from the extravagance and walk around one of the most stunning nature parks in the city. City Park accommodates everyone and will have something for you to do, whether it be their scenic 18 hole golf course or their famous antique carousel, you can find something that you’ll love. It’s full of lakes, gardens, museums, music stages and recreational fields.


After Dark

Bourbon St will be your answer to all the best live music in town. It’s where the majority of the city’s music scene is based and can draw big crowds of locals and also travellers to see big names in the Jazz World. A great place to watch out for is Snug Harbour. For a Jazz Bar that has been running for over 30 years, it keeps its prices reasonable enough for everyone to enjoy. They also have regular big names playing under their roof.

Head to the small vintage bar French 75 at Arnaud’s based on Bienville St. A bar that revels in its Creole Heritage which brings a great vibe to the atmosphere and to the flavours in the food.


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