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Hand Luggage Tips for your Flight to America

Hand Luggage Tips for your Flight to America

If you’re packing ready for Summer Camp in America, you might be in need of a few tips on what to pack in your hand luggage.

We’ve put together a handy guide to help make sure you’ve got everything you need.


You must carry all your Summer Camp documents with you in your hand luggage ready for inspection when you arrive at immigration in the US.

Here’s a brief checklist of what you will need to pack in your hand luggage:


Water Bottle

Take an EMPTY water bottle with you – yes, that’s right, an empty one!

When you get through security you can fill it up and save some money.

The extra bonus is that you’ll also have a handy water bottle to keep with you at camp. We’re full of great ideas!

A Hoodie

Being on a plane can be super uncomfortable and sometimes cold, so make sure you take a hoodie with you!

You can either put it on, wrap it around your waist, or use it as a pillow to keep you cosy. It’ll be handy on nights at camp too!

Chargers and Battery Pack

Remember to pack a charger and battery pack with you so you can boost your battery while you’re waiting to board.

Restaurants airside sometimes let you charge up. Plugin and juice up before your flight!

Things to Do

The last thing you’ll want to be on the plane for an eight-hour-plus flight is bored.

Make sure you bring things to keep yourself entertained. Download a few movies to a tablet, fill up your music playlist, and remember your headphones!

If you need some ideas on keeping buys, head over to our blog post that’ll guide you through avoiding boredom on your flight.


You’ll be going to America for three months and if your suitcase gets lost… Medication will cost you a bomb in the US.

Make sure you pack any meds you need to take in your hand luggage so you know where they are at all times and they won’t get lost!

Just remember to keep the medication in their original packaging as much as possible so the airport’s security staff know what they’re dealing with.

Spare Clothes

If the worst happens and you lose your suitcase, you’re going to need clothes until the suitcase gets back to you.

Pack a spare pair of clothes and underwear in your hand luggage to be on the safe side!

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